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Student Association

The Student Association is a team of people who love Southern and it's students. Our main mission is to serve. We serve the community, the school, and most importantly, God.

From listening to the student body's needs via the Senate to providing fun SA social events, each of us serve a purpose. Whether writing articles for the Accent or writing financial reports to keep the Student Association's spending in check, we are all functioning parts of a streamlined body.  

If you want to find out more about the roles each of us serve, click on the "Officers" tab, or better yet, come into the office during office hours and talk with us!


SA President - Jared Chandler


Bietz Center for Student Life (3rd Floor)

Additional Contacts for 2023-24
TITLE Phone Number
President - Jared Chandler 423.236.2600
Executive Vice President - Dain Ochoa 423.236.2603
Social Vice President - Lauren Fenwick 423.236.2602
VP of Finance - Zach Kirstein 423.236.2604
Assistant VP of Finance - Jeaneva Bautista 423.236.2604
Executive Secretary - Bridgette Oh 423.236.2604
Communication Director - Lizbeth Rodriguez-Diep 423.236.2606
Parliamentarian - Alfredo Trevedal 423.236.2604
Cultural Liaison - Edvan Benitez 423.236.2601
Memories Editor - Jennifer Corral 423.236.2613
Strawberry Festival Director - Houston Beckworth 423.236.2678
Accent Editor - Amanda Blake 423.236.2612
VP of Spiritual Life - Esteban Grajales 423.236.2604