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Accommodations Process

Letters of Accommodation (LOAs) are prepared in the order requests are made. Once requested, it can take up to 14 days to receive the LOAs.

Note: Arranging academic accommodations takes time, so requests after the third week of the semester may not be completed in time to receive accommodations for that semester.

Accommodations are provided only after satisfactory completion of all of the following steps:

  • Students must fill out DSS forms (Application to Initiate Services, Request for Accommodation, Informed Consent) so a file can be opened for them.
  • Documentation of disability (which conforms to the documentation guidelines) is delivered to Disability Support Services. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the documentation is received.
  • DSS Administrator studies the documentation to evaluate whether the requested accommodation(s) are appropriate for the disability and in line with university policies and practices.
  • The Accommodations Committee meets and reaches a decision regarding the requested accommodations.*
  • Students meet with the DSS Administrator to discuss accommodations. If a request is denied, possible alternatives and strategies are then explored.
  • Letters of Accommodation (LOA) are emailed to professors and students simultaneously.
  • Students are responsible for contacting professors to discuss how the approved accommodations will be administered, provided they do not compromise an essential component of the course/program.
  • Should DSS proctor an exam, it is the student's responsibility for scheduling it.

*Accommodations must be requested every semester.