Students with Documented Disabilities

Note: In order to ensure one-on-one time with the Director, students are encouraged to call 423.236.2544 to set an appointment.

Accommodations are provided only after completion of the following steps:

  1. Documentation of disability is delivered to Disability Support Services (DSS). See Guidelines below.
  2. DSS application forms to initiate services are completed and delivered to DSS.
  3. The Disability Services Administrator (DSA) reviews documentation.
  4. The Accommodations Committee meets and reaches a decision regarding the request.
  5. Student meets with the DSA to discuss the committee's decision.
  6. For approved accommodations, Accommodations Data Sheets (ADS) are prepared for each professor.
  7. ADS (blue sheets) are delivered to professor(s).
  8. Discussion takes place with each professor regarding how and/or whether approved accommodations can be administered.

Please note that the process of arranging academic accommodations takes time, so initiate the process no later than the first three weeks of the semester. 


Section 504 and Southern Adventist University

Policies and Procedures

Other Resources

  • Know your rights and responsibilities- Office of Civil Rights
  • Association on Higher Education and Disability 
  • Recorded books Learning Ally
  • E-texts from Bookshare (free membership)
  • Free downloadable text-to-speech software Natural Reader 
  • Free downloadable text-to-speech software for Windows: NVDA
  • Vocational Rehabilitation offices—state liaisons
  • SmartPen by Livescribe—makes audio recordings while writing notes Livescribe
  • Student Success Disability Page Student Success
  • Brochure for Parents (and other interested parties) Section 504
  • Learning Disabilities in School, College, and Work