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As a part of our mission to expand knowledge of life in the ancient Mediterranean world, the Institute of Archaeology has participated in excavations in Cyprus and Israel. These excavations are open to volunteers and provide a great opportunity to get closer to the world of the Bible. In addition to excavations, the Institute of Archaeology offers study tours which visit many prominent sites connected with the stories of the Bible. 


The Middle East Study Tour is designed to acquaint students with the extensive history and cultures of the ancient Near East as they relate to the Bible. The two-week tour encompasses sites representing the entire span of history, from the earliest periods of civilization to modern times. Emphasis will be placed on the relationship between historical and the understanding of the Bible.

Instruction will include an overview of biblical history and archaeological research in the Middle East. Emphasis will be placed on past and current excavations in Syria-Palestine and their affect on biblical backgrounds, settings, events, and history. Sound principles of evaluation will be developed for assessing archaeological interpretation, recognizing its contributions and internal limitations. Students will gain insights concerning the current economic and political situations in the Middle East and how they relate to present and future hopes for peace in that region. 


Earn three hours of undergraduate (RELB 340) or graduate religion (RELB 520) credit. These academic credits may be applied in the following ways: (1) the undergraduate general education requirement (Area R-4); (2) an elective toward the completion of undergraduate majors in theology, religious studies, religious education, or archaeology; or (3) an elective toward the completion of the MA in Religion or other graduate work. 



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