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The William G. Dever Research Library is located in Hackman Hall, Room 122, near the Lynn. H. Wood Archaeological Museum and Archaeology Laboratory.

The library contains all of William G. Dever's publications and is one of the most significant libraries for Near Eastern archaeology. The long-out-of-print final reports of excavations include Akko, Beth Shean, Jericho, Jerusalem, Megiddo, Lachish, Hazor, and Gezer among many others. These site reports provide researchers with firsthand access to the primary sources of archaeological research, such as the architecture, pottery, and important objects found at type sites throughout the region. With these resources, comparative analysis with new discoveries can be made as our database for these ancient finds increase over the years. Reference works include, but are not limited to: Anchor Bible Dictionary; Eretz-Israel; Oxford Encyclopedia of Excavations in the Near East; World History of the Jewish People. Journals include: 'Atiqot; Biblical Archaeology Review; Biblical Archaeologist; Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research; Israel Exploration Journal; Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology; Near Eastern Archaeologist; Qadmoniot; and Tel Aviv.

The library consists of a large segment of Egyptologist Kent Weeks personal library collection, including Egyptian site reports and specialized studies with the latest reports on Egyptian Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom sites. The library provides the necessary resources for the ongoing research projects of the institute in understanding eastern Mediterranean peoples, places, and polities in the Egyptian New Kingdom. Volumes include William Hayes' Deir el Bahri Temples (vols. 1-5); the Epigraphic Survey folios on Karnak, Medinet Habu (vols 1-8); and Hassan's Excavations at Giza (vols. 1-11). Reference works include but are not limited to the Lexikon der Ägyptologie, Erman and Grapow's Wörterbuch der altägyptischen Sprache, Wreszinski's Atlas zur altägyptischen Kulturgeschichte, Erman and Westendorff's Grundriss der Medizin der alten Ägypter (vols. 1-11), and Kitchen's Ramesside Inscriptions. Journals in the Egyptology collection include: Ägypten und Levant; Ancient Egypt (Petrie journal); Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale; Egyptian Archaeology; Journal of Egyptian Archaeology; Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt; and KMT.

These collections have been greatly enhanced by Dr. Kenneth and Cheryl Mathews and the Archaeology Synchronisms Research Foundation, which he founded. Dr. Mathews is a committed archaeology student, enthusiast, and benefactor with a keen interest in expanding the research potential of the Institute of Archaeology. The foundation has added several thousand volumes in addition to the Kent Weeks Library. The foundation’s purpose is to grow the library with a specific focus on the ancient Near East, Egyptology, and Classical Studies.

The slide collection consists of nearly 15,000 slides from the ancient Near East taken from 1956-2000. It documents the major excavations and developments in the field over a period of nearly 50 years. The collection is in the process of being digitized and will be added to a database of another 20,000 digital images from the ancient Near East. "These collections will be a tremendous resource for the Institute of Archaeology to conduct its research programs, as well as for students and visiting scholars from other institutions. We are thrilled and blessed that Dr. Dever chose to place his legacy at our institution," said Michael G. Hasel, director of the Institute of Archaeology.

The Dever Research is open. 
Mon-Thur 9:00 A.M. 5:00 PM
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Closed during the summer months (May to August) and during Southern Adventist University breaks.

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Some of the books in Dr. Weeks' collection have been uploaded digitally in McKee Library! KnowledgeExchange@Southern.