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Southern Adventist University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology with two possible concentrations. Near Eastern Studies and Classical Studies, students majoring in archaeology will be prepared to undertake graduate studies in archaeology, museum studies, or cultural resource management. Some students may choose archaeology in preparation for professional studies in medicine, education, business, or law.


  • The Near Eastern Studies concentration covers the time period of the ancient Near East from its beginnings to 332 B.C.
  • The Classical Studies concentration focuses of the Greco-Roman world.

Archaeology careers


  • To provide instruction in the methodology and interpretation of archaeological data as it relates to the people, places, and events of the Bible.
  • To provide the necessary tools and skills for linguistic/exegetical, historical, archaeological, and anthropological analyses.
  • To qualify students to pursue graduate work in classical or Near Eastern archaeology and museum studies and to provide a major for students involved in pre-professional programs. 


The Archaeology major is a liberal arts major for students interested in preparing for graduate studies in archaeology, museum studies, cultural resource management, or as preparation for a professional field such as medicine, dentistry, law, or education. Students choosing to major in Archaeology must consult with the director of the Institute of Archaeology to determine their area of interest in Near Eastern or classical studies and to lay plans for participation in the Middle East Study Tour and in the archaeological fieldwork.

The four-year degree candidate may apply the required 12 hours of general education courses in religion toward the hours for the major, thus reducing the number of extra courses needed to qualify.