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Our Mission

The Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum is an educational institution dedicated to the study of the art, history, and culture of the ancient Near East. Our goal is to actively engage visitors of all ages through collection, conservation, education, and exhibition of archaeological artifacts from the biblical world. The museum serves the research and teaching interests of the students, faculty, and staff of Southern Adventist University and offers cultural enrichment to the community.

Our Values

Glass Jars

The museum houses the William G. Dever Sherd Collection of more than 300 pottery sherds from the Near East. This unique teaching collection is an invaluable instructional resource for archaeology students. The museum's laboratory facilities serve as a basis for teaching pottery typology, ceramic conservation, and artifact cataloguing and accession.

Research and Documentation

Each artifact is documented and catalogued in an electronic database that incorporates digital photographs of each artifact, accession numbers, descriptions, date, and provenance. The electronic database facilitates additional research in ceramic typology as well as regional socioeconomic variation and development.

Sling Stones on Display

The William G. Dever Near Eastern Collection, together with other collections, provides the basis for a contextual display vividly illustrated through original art designed to introduce artifacts in their ancient life setting. Exhibit highlights include an ancient brick from the city of Babylon stamped with the seal of Nebuchadnezzar; a complete lamp typology from the Early Bronze Age to the Roman period; a royal Judaean jar handle containing a royal lmlk ("for the king") seal impression; and a complete corpus of ceramic vessels from the heartland of biblical history.

Communitiy Education

The Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum offers free tours to all ages and groups. We also provide a Lecture Series on the history and archaeology of the ancient Near East, which hosts leading experts worldwide. The Lecture Series is designed to bring the latest archaeological discoveries from the southern Levant, Egypt, Cyprus, and Mesopotamia. The lectures are open to the public and are free of charge.