Leadership Development

2020-2021 Presentations┬╗


Leadership Development and Teach┬│ (Professor Study Circles) originated from groups of professors who self-selected and joined Book Clubs that met in the Presidential Banquet Room first Wednesday of each month. After several years, this transformed into an organized presentation of 20-Minute Mentors presentations followed by the table discussion of the presentation where teaching pedagogy and educational strategies are further discussed for possible assimilation or adaptation on Southern's campus. The partnership with McKee Library provides the membership to Magna Publications videos. Click on the presentation title to access the recording. When prompted, please log in with your Southern account.

Teach┬│ 2018-2019

September 5

How do Mini-Lectures Increase Student Engagement?

Christy Price

Based on research in cognitive and educational psychology, and integrating best practices from business and teaching theories, this fast and focused session offers you the insights you need to upgrade your teaching and the practical guidance to help you get started. In less time than it takes to actually deliver a mini-lecture, you'll learn how to design one that helps you achieve your learning outcomes and success at educating and motivating students.

October 3

How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners? Rethinking Assessments to Improve Student Performance?

Christy Price

Well-designed assessments structured for modern learners can lead to impressive student outcomes, fulfilled teachers, and a better reputation for your school in a competitive landscape. This presentation equips you with 10 classroom-tested assessment strategies to help your students reach new heights of maturity. You'll discover the options for assessing students and learn the thinking behind each one. You'll become adept at structuring assessments that draw the best efforts from your students. You'll see how to use students' own interests to make assessments more personal and how grading assessments throughout the course can work to their benefit and yours.

November 11

Threaded Discussion

Polina Kadatska, Cynthia Gettys

At November's Teach3 Session we will put aside the 20-minute video this month to showcase how to incorporate "threaded discussions"* in your face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses to promote engaging dialogue. This is an active learning session, so please bring your laptop or tablet to participate. *Threaded discussion is an online asynchronous discussion through a series of linked postings on a specific topic.

December 5

How Can Improving Student Feedback Improve the Quality of Each Education Encounter?

Dr. Lolita Paff

By viewing student feedback through alternative lenses, faculty and administrators are able to better understand and manage mismatched definitions of rigor. Careful consideration of student feedback can lead to instructional and policy changes that facilitate closer alignment of expectations regarding rigor, assessment, and learning. You'll explore how students' beliefs about learning and their definitions of rigor impact end-of-course evaluations. This program begins by considering alternative interpretations of typical student comments, then identifies ways to help students provide more meaningful feedback, and offers ideas for organizing and interpreting feedback to maximize its effectiveness.

February 6

How Can I Manage the Disconnect Between Faculty and Student Perceptions of Rigor to Increase Learning?

Dr. Lolita Paff

You can't dispel students' misperceptions about difficult coursework if you're unaware of what these misperceptions are. This program discusses common mismatched definitions of rigor and strategies for bridging the divide between teacher definitions and student definitions. By leveraging these strategies, you'll be better able to improve students' motivation and build stronger classroom connections.

April 3

MVP University: Sahmyook University

Jung Mi Kim

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Biblical Foundation of Faith and Learning (CTE-BFFL) visiting professor, Jung Mi Kim, PhD, will share what Sahmyook University has to offer local and international students including Summer Language Programs. Dr. Kim will also explain (1) her personal journey as a professor at an Adventist University, (2) share her goals for collaboration between the two sister institutions, as well as (3) her intentional effort to learn from the CTE-BFFL how to build courses on an Adventist Biblical Christian Foundation.