Student Employment


Southern Adventist University employs about 1,400 students each school year. Student workers are valuable resources to the operating functions of the university. As student employment coordinator, I am here to assist students with employment at Southern. If you have questions, please feel free to email me or call at 423.236.2278. I'll be happy to help!

—Kaylie Ackerman, Student Employment Coordinator

 What is the Employment Process?


Finding a job

We post job openings (from campus departments and local businesses) on the Student Job Board. When looking for a job, it’s important to know your class schedule since employers may need to fill specific time slots.


Starting Employment

The hiring department gives you a Labor Assignment Request to be turned in to HR along with a few other forms you can complete in our office. You will need ORIGINAL documents for identity and employment eligibility: a complete list may be found on page 3 of Form I-9. We'll need to see one thing from List A or one each from Lists B and C., or Form I-94 for non-U.S. citizens. For the I9 form, students typically present their physical U.S. Passport or Passport card , OR their Driver's License or Student ID - along with - their Social Security Card or Birth Certificate. COPIES are NOT ACCEPTED. Documents must presented in their original form and unexpired. 


Getting Paid

Students are paid every other Friday. By default, students receive 25 percent of their earnings directly transferred to their personal bank account; the other 75 percent is applied to the student account at Southern. Students employed under the Federal Work-Study Program receive 100 percent directly to their personal bank account.


Changing Percentages

The default percentages can be changed. If you want to increase the amount applied directly to your student account, simply inform Human Resources. Decreasing the amount requires approval from your student finance counselor.

Student Employment