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off-campus positions


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The Student Job Board is a job referral/resource that is available to our students and the local community. 

Southern Adventist University is not responsible for the safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus (non-university) employment listings. The university does not guarantee positions nor products or services of employers who post job opportunities through the Student Job Board. The Human Resource Department strives to update and maintain the student job board, as information is made available.

Job postings are approved at the discretion of Human Resource Department, and we will reserve the right to decline job postings at any point.

Off-Campus Jobs

Child care and light house keeping

Location/Department: 5 minutes from Campus 

Description/Duties: Helping me care for my 6 month old son, 2 year old son and light housekeeping in the mornings.

Qualifications: I need someone who is good with small children and a self starter when it comes to housekeeping.

Hours: 7:00am to 10:30am, any days Monday through Friday; in other words if you can come 2 or 3 times a week, great! If you can come all 5 days, even better.

Pay Rate: $15/hour

Person to Contact: Ashlee Gonzalez

Email: ashlee.burt4@gmail.com

Office Phone: 716-290-8615

Job Posted: 8/22/23


Location/Department: Collegedale

Description/Duties: Caregiver needed on Saturday mornings from 8 am to 2 pm for an elderly lady in Collegedale who has Parkinsons.  Medical experience a plus but is not required.  She is dependent for transfers so you must be able to lift her.  (She weighs probably around 80#).  Duties include getting her ready in the morning, light cleaning, giving her medications, feeding her, and helping her in the bathroom.

Qualifications: Medical experience is a plus but not required

Hours: Saturdays from 8 am-2 pm and opportunity to fill in more hours during the week.

Pay Rate: Starts at $15/hour

Person to Contact: Francie Christensen

Email: franpt2@gmail.com

Office Phone: 4237638431

Job Posted: 8/22/23

Magabook Canvassing

Location/Department: Village Market Plaza

Description/Duties: Students will be trained to offer books on health, devotionals, and for children in the surrounding community. We provide transportation, books, and all necessary materials for accomplishing this work. It is evangelistic in nature as our aim is to share Christ centered material with everyone. We knock on doors, canvass businesses, and parking lots to reach as many souls as possible.

Qualifications: Willing to learn, positive attitude, strong work ethic, punctuality, honesty, responsible, physically fit to walk and carry a canvassing bag.

Hours: Sunday (2-6pm)

Monday - Thursday (3:30pm - 7:30pm)

Pay Rate: Students earn 50% of all donations received

Person to Contact: Samuel Francis

Email: sfrancis@southern.edu

Office Phone: 3016618221

Job Posted: 8/22/23

Dog sitter

Location/Department: Collegedale, TN

Description/Duties: Occasional dog sitter for a weekend in October and also a week December.  Preferably a female student who loves dogs.  Availability to spend the night while we are away. We are close to campus (10 mins away). 

Qualifications: Must love dogs!!!  She is super sweet.  

Hours: Weekend in October and a week in December.  Possibility of other occasional hours.

Pay Rate: We can discuss

Person to Contact: Rachel Young

Email: rachelyoung210@gmail.com

Job Posted: 8/25/23

Nursery Nanny

Location/Department: Grace Church in Brainerd

Description/Duties: Nursery nanny needed for Grace Church in Brainerd. We are a dynamic faith community with diverse families. Our adult:child ratio is about 2:6 and you would always have another adult with you. Our nursery is clean, spacious, and bright. Duties include greeting parents and children, assisting with electronic sign-in, playing with children, reading to/singing with children, changing diapers, and setting up, supervising, and cleaning up snack.

Qualifications: Familiarity with the Montessori method and/or music/singing experience preferred. CPR/First Aid preferred. Great position for an elementary/early childhood or music major.

Hours: 9 - 1 Sundays with occasional opportunity for more hours if desired.

Pay Rate: $19/hour

Person to Contact:  Betsy Hawthorne Bedwell

Email: heybetsyb@gmail.com

Office Phone: 4236342464

Job Posted: 8/25/23

Infant/Baby Nursery Worker

Location/Department: Concord Baptist Church, E Brainerd road

Description/Duties: Concord Baptist is seeking to hire permanent childcare workers. 
These permanent childcare workers would preferably attend church services held on Saturday so that their employment does not hinder their church attendance. 
They will provide a consistent presence in the following:  Infant Nursery (6 weeks until walking).

Qualifications: Paid nursery workers should be committed Christians and active members of a local church.  They must be at least 18 years of age and have reasonable work experience with and love for young children.  Additionally, they must be physically able to lift and carry infants and small children as needed.

Hours: Sundays 8:45-12:30 (being paid for 4 hours) and Wednesdays 5:45-7:45. There will also be occasional special events with a guaranteed minimum of 2 hours pay.

Pay Rate: $14/hour

Email: children@concord-baptist.org

Office Phone: 352.223.5897

Other: Please submit a brief resume upon e-mailing about the position.

Job Posted: 8/31/23

Peer Buddy

Location/Department: Pickup in Ringgold, GA

Description/Duties: Peer Buddy- I am looking for a Christian young man to be a buddy for my 23 y/o son with Down syndrome. Your job will consist of taking him out in the community to engage in a number of activities of his choosing. Activities he has enjoyed in the past with a previous peer buddy (who graduated and moved out of town) included kayaking, trampoline park, eating out, mini golf, basketball, working out at the gym, bowling, etc. He completes all of his own personal hygiene.

Qualifications: Must pass background check, will be required to obtain CPR certification, driver's license and reliable transportation 

Hours: Negotiated around your schedule-typically once/week for approximately 5 hours depending on activity.

Pay Rate: $25/hour plus any expenses incurred with activities

Person to Contact: Virginia Piper

Email: vapiper@hotmail.com

Job Posted: 9/6/2023

Resident Manager

Location/Department: 200 Central Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37403 (Ronald Mcdonald House)

Description/Duties: Operate the House from 1pm-9pm on Sundays including: managing all of the evening duties such as serving and cleaning up after dinner, greeting and assisting volunteers that may be in the House, manning the front desk by signing in and issuing the proper badges for visitors, families, and groups, answering and transferring calls, responding to basic questions, and receiving and storing in-kind donations when applicable.

Qualifications: High school diploma; Upper-level college student or graduate student with an interest in social work, non-profit management, child and family studies, nursing, or hospitality management.

Hours: Sundays from 1-9 pm

Pay Rate: This is a part-time, non-exempt position. There is no salary or hourly rate associated with this position. The position is compensated through the provision of room and board for the duration of service.

Person to Contact: Michele Loyd

Email: michele.loyd@rmhchattanooga.com

Office Phone: 423.778.4334

Job Posted: 9/12/2023

Gardener Assistant

Location/Department: 8406 Gray Fox Ct. Olltewah off Providence Rd. 

Description/Duties: Needs assistants with garden. Will be helping with shrub trimming, transplanting, and spreading compost. 

Qualifications: Provide own transportation

Hours: Two 4 hr. shifts a week in the afternoon

Pay Rate: $9.00 based on experience

Person to Contact: Richard Kisel

Office Phone: 423.615.0150

Other: Please call for interview. Provide availble days and hours.

Job Posted: 9/14/2023


Location/Department: Collegedale Academy and Galen medical

Description/Duties: Vacuum. Mopping. Restrooms Dusting etc...

Qualifications:  Janitorial experience helpful

Hours: Monday - Thursday 3:00-8:00 , Friday 2:00- 7:30

Pay Rate: 10.50 /Hr

Person to Contact: Vonna Wingfield

Email: Vonswing@aol.com

Office Phone: 423-667-3630

Other: There are two locations that will be cleaned so there will be in between travel.

Job Posted: 9/20/2023

Early Education Tutoring - 2nd/3rd Grade

Location/Department: Prairie Pass / Apison

Description/Duties: Support Spelling, Phonemic Awareness, Reading Comprehension and homework assignments.

Qualifications: Love for the Lord, love for small children, Education Major (early education would be great!), patience and the heart of a teacher.

Hours: Tuesday / Thursday: 5:00 - 7:00 PM, Wednesday: 6:00 - 8:00

Pay Rate: $25/hr

Person to Contact: Joe Oswald

Email: oswald.joseph@gmail.com

Office Phone: 423-322-9691

Job Posted: 9/20/2023

Dance/Ballet Tutor for one child: Age 9

Location/Department: Ooltewah home

Description/Duties: Introduce basic exercises of barre, Teach basic ballet leg/foot positions, Plan & instruct lessons in our home, Incorporate other forms of dance into lessons; including tap/movement/jazz/modern dance/contemporary, be able to prepare for 2 small performances & productions.

Qualifications: Must have several years of documented ballet/dance experience Must have experience working with children Must be able to effectively and efficiently prepare a lesson plan and monitor student's progress Excellent communication skills Joyful/Bright personalities only Hours.

Hours: Schedule will be based upon your availability Once or twice a week (1-2 hour shifts)

Pay Rate: $25-$35 an hour

Person to Contact: Crystal Burney

Email: mrsb1220@gmail.com

Office Phone: 423.779.8912

Other: No Phone Calls Please--All interested candidates should make your inquiry via text or email--please give your first & last name when contacting me. Thank You

Job Posted: 9/20/2023

Facility Host

Location/Department: Collegedale Church

Description/Duties: Performs the duties required to maintain security of the church facilities while it is open to the public and to provide for the needs of groups using the facilities. This position is under the supervision of the Church Facility Manager.

Qualifications: Physical ability commensurate with climbing stairs and ladders, lifting tables, chairs, vacuum cleaners etc. Must be friendly with good human relations skills, and a philosophy of cordial hospitality that understands the church facilities are designed to be used by the members and guests. Must have the maturity and good judgment skills required to be able to handle emergencies and security concerns that may arise.

Hours: From 4:45pm until close which varies daily.

Pay Rate: $10/hour

Person to Contact: Vaughan Choudree

Email: vaughanc@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423-650-6714

Job Posted: 9/20/2023


Location/Department: 2101 W Shepher Rd, Chattanooga, TN

Description/Duties: We are at church looking for responsible individuals to serve on our church childcare team. We have a team of 4 that we rotate and that provide childcare for all our staff, events, and services.

Qualifications: 18 or older, High School Diploma, Childcare experience preferred!

Hours: SUN... 8:45 - 1:00PMMON... 11:00AM - 5:00PM / 6:00 - 9:30PMTUE... 11:00AM - 5:00PM / 6:00 - 9:30PMWED... 11:00AM - 5:00PM / 6:00 - 9:30PMTHUR... 11:00AM - 5:00PM / 6:00 - 9:30PM SUN evening / Fri / Sat (occasionaly)

Pay Rate: $14 Per Hour

Email: brittniball@metrotab.net

Office Phone: 423-595-7702

Other: Hiring ASAP / Looking to hire two people 

Job Posted: 9/20/2023