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Southern participates in the government program Everify.

Southern Adventist University requires all students to visit the Human Resource Department to complete new hire paperwork after they have been hired, and before the start of the first day of work:
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Required Student Employment Document

Smoothie Tech

Location/Department: Hulsey/Kayak

Description/Duties: Positive attitude, willing to learn and able to follow recipes as written. Maintain a clean work environment and practice food safe practices.  Stock product, food/smoothie prep.

Qualifications: Positive attitude.  Willing to learn and work as a valuable part of a team.  Must be reliable/dependable.

Hours: Need two people available 2 - 4:30 p.m. on Thursdays.  Plus, Sunday rotation 5 - 9:30 p.m. (Normally only 2 to 3 Sundays per semester).  Additional hours available by subbing in when others request time off.

Pay Rate: Per class standing

Person to Contact: Cheryl Maguire

Email: cmaguire@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423-236-2592

Other: Please send PDF copy of your W24 schedule ASAP to cmaguire@southern.edu for consideration. Thank you!

Job Posted: 1/23/2024


Dispatch Officer

Location/Department: Campus Safety

Description/Duties: The student dispatch officer mans the dispatch desk, answers and maintains a log of all incoming and outgoing radio traffic among officers, handles walk-in traffic with various needs, answers the phones in a timely, professional manner, monitors several emergency and alarm systems, and any other tasks as assigned by Dispatch Supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Learns the policies and procedures of Southern Adventist University and abides by themDocuments and communicates emergencies including fire alarms, panic alarms, door alarms, hazardous weather, and medical emergencies to appropriate responding officers.Notates incoming and outgoing phone calls and pertinent radio traffic using the ReportExec dispatch log system.Learns the Vehicle and Traffic Regulations.  Assists in parking management including distributing parking permits, enforcing the vehicle code, and processing parking citations.Monitor Door activity in CardKey and Salto.Process items for Lost & Found.Performs all other reasonably business-related functions as assigned by the Dispatch Supervisor of Campus Safety.Other tasks as assigned.

Qualifications: Qualifications Must be a student at Southern Adventist University.  Be 18 years of age or older.  Maintain GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Must be a self-starter and able to work without supervision.  Must have good cause and effect reasoning and decision-making skills.  Must be responsible, dependable, and a team player.  Must be willing to work every other weekend and some vacations.  Must present a professional demeanor, display a spirit of helpfulness, work well with others, and maintain a high degree of confidentiality.  Must be able to write and speak English fluently.

1st  - 8a - 4p2nd - 4p - 12a3rd  - 12a - 8a

Pay Rates: 

Freshmen: (Day) up to $11.75 / (Night) up to $12.75

Sophomore: (Day) up to $12.25 / (Night) up to $13.25

Junior: (Day) up to $12.50 / (Night) up to $13.50

Senior: (Day) up to $12.75 / (Night) up to $13.75

Graduate Student: (Day) up to $14.00 / (Night) up to $15.00 

Person to Contact: Corbett Cole

Email: cccole@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423-236-2100

Other: Seeking employees wanting to work through the summer break.

Job Posted: 1/23/2024

Campus Safety


Location/Department: Housekeeping

Description/Duties: Completing work orders  changing light bulbs, unclogged toilets fix small appliances , maintain vacuums. assist your supervisor in others area as needed.

Qualifications: we will train

Hours:  (Mondays - 8 am-12pm) -  (Wednesdays-9am -2 pm)  (Friday -8am-12pm)- We will work with schedule.

Pay Rate: $10hr/

Person to Contact: Edwin Alvita

Email: alvirae@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2909

Job Posted: 1/26/2024

Thatcher Housekeeping


Location/Department: Housekeeping

Description/Duties: Sweeps, mops, polishes, and vacuums floors Wipes down and sanitizes surfaces.Cleans, sanitizes, and stocks restrooms.Empty trash and recycling binsNotify supervisors of unsafe conditionsDust furniture and fixtures

Qualifications: We're searching for someone who is a self starter, can manage themselves, and complete assigned work .We will train for this position

Hours: flexible hours

Pay Rate: $7.75- $9.50

Person to Contact: Edwin

Email: alvirae@souther.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2909

Job Posted: 1/26/2024

Thatcher Housekeeping


Location/Department: Cafeteria

Description/Duties: We are looking for a cashier with an outgoing personality, great attitude and excellent work ethic to join our AWESOME Cafeteria Customer Service Team. This position the face of our department the part the guests see most readily so we are seeking a team member with a ready smile and kind word.

Top-notch customer service at all timesA ready smile and kind word to greet each guestProfessional attire expected uniform shirtsCorrectly charge guests for food and collect paymentCount cash as needed & settle cash drawerStock snack shelves & drink coolerstock utensils, napkins, and other items in Dining Area & keep those areas neatKeep a tidy work area

Hours: Tuesday Breakfast (8:00-10:30)Thursday Lunch (11:30-2:00)1 Sabbath per month. (12:00-3:00)

Pay Rate: Depends on Class Standing

Person to Contact: Ginger Boyd

Email: gingerwhite@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2767

Job Posted: 1/26/2024



Location/Department: Cafeteria

Description/Duties: We are looking for team members with a great attitude and work ethic to join our Cafeteria Customer Service Team.Our Environmental Tech Team cleans the floors daily in the production and service areas.  Also, the bathrooms are cleaned twice a week.  This is the back-bone of our department since the production team cannot do their work without a clean facility in which to work.This position may involve working alone or with a supervisor. This is a more moderate-paced position but requires a responsible person who has a keen eye for detail. Previous experience is a benefit but not required.  We are glad to train a willing learner.

Must be available to work after hours starting at 6:00pmMust be detail orientedMust be self-motivated and responsibleFollow sanitation practices of Food Services

Hours: Monday - Friday hours available after 6pm.

Pay Rate: Based on Class Standing

Person to Contact: Ginger Boyd

Email: gingerwhite@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2767

Job Posted: 1/26/2024


Sports Equipment Manager

Location/Department: Iles Gym / Health & Kinesiology 

Description/Duties: Inventory, track and check-in/check-out sports equipment in Iles Gym.

Qualifications: Dependability, attention to detail. Work well with people. Needing to fill shift positions ASAP.

Hours: Sunday Shifts:Noon - 4:00 PM / 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Monday - Thursday Shifts:

Noon-3:00 pm

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday Shifts:

9:00 AM - Noon

Noon - 2 PM

Pay Rate: Based on class standing

Person to Contact: Troy Walker

Email: twalker@southern.edu

Office Phone: 2458

Job Posted: 1/29/24

Health and Kinesiology

Student Custodian Description

Location/Department: Lynnwood Hall #1036-Service Department 

Description/Duties: Assist in maintaining academic and administrative buildings. This includes cleaning of all common areas: bathrooms, classrooms, lobbies, hallways, and conference rooms Doing daily checks and removal of trash and recycling The student custodian will be expected to assist in the maintenance and general upkeep of the janitor closets including: keeping it picked up and tidy, reporting when items are low or missing, reporting when equipment needs serviced.

Qualifications: Able to work independently and be self-motivated Able to work with chemicals and equipment Able to effectively communicate with Supervisors Able to lift up to 20lbs Flexible and able to adapt quickly Willing to maintain safety standards and abide by all protocols

Hours: Currently Hiring for Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning and night shifts (M-Th) Hours needed are mornings: 8a-10:45a or 9a-11:45a and Nights 5p-8p

Pay Rate: $9.25 - $10.75 Based on class standing

Person to Contact: Bernetta Shockley/Stephanie Hewitt 

Email: servicedept@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2132

Other: Please address either Bernetta Shockley or Stephanie Hewitt in your email so we know it is for us. The email goes to our whole department.  

Job Posted: 2/1/24


Laboratory Teaching Assistant

Location/Department: Chemistry

Help students learn to perform experimental procedures properly, make observations accurately, perform calculations correctly, and interpret data reasonablyMonitor student activities and behavior to ensure that all laboratory work is done within laboratory safety guidelines and that chemical waste is properly collectedAssist course instructors in ensuring that students meet or exceed standards for academic integrity in laboratory work and in collecting and using dataMaintain laboratory cleanliness and organization, including properly placing chemicals and equipment for subsequent lab periods or collecting and preparing them for storage at the end of the weeks activitiesGrade laboratory assignments if necessary, under the direction of the laboratory instructorOther related duties as assigned by the laboratory instructor

Successful prior completion of the laboratory course in which the student is working as an assistantA current working understanding of relevant laboratory safety standards and proceduresOral communication skills must be sufficient to clearly explain procedures and answer questionsHearing abilities must be sufficient to hear supervisors instructions and students questions and answersVisual abilities must be sufficient to determine that students are performing procedures correctly and safely, and to read labels, textbooks, handouts, and student answersChemistry majors are given preference in hiring

Hours: 12:15-3:15 pm or 3:30-6:30 pm on Mondays

Pay Rate: $7.75-$9.75/hr, depending on chemistry knowledge and experience

Person to Contact: Brent Hamstra

Email: bhamstra@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2203

Job Posted: 2/5/2024


Student Detailer

Location/Department: Transportation

Detailed cleaning of cars, mini-vans, 12 passenger vans and buses.Enter mileage/ fuel vehicles.Keep track of keys and paperwork.Ability to park/back up ALL vehicles (except buses).Maintain wash bay order and cleanliness.

Qualifications: Attention to detail is a must, as well as being able to keep up in a fast-paced environment.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 7:30a-12p.Must be able to work at least a two-hour block during these days/times.

Pay Rate: $10/hr

Person to Contact: Stephanie Busby

Email: sbusby@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2716

Job Posted: 2/5/2024

Tuesday Evening Worship - Praise Team Coordinator

Location/Department: Talge Hall - Chapel

Description/Duties: Organize and schedule praise music teams each week for the Tuesday evening worship. Each praise team is expected to play three songs each week and provide accompanying slides to go along with the songs. As the praise team coordinator, you will not have to participate in the praise music each week but you must have a praise team organized and scheduled for worship each Tuesday.

Must have experience helping with praise music up front at church, vespers, summer camp, etc.Ability to recruit and schedule praise teams on a week-to-week basis.

Hours: 2 hours per week

Pay Rate: SAU Student Pay Scale

Person to Contact: Brandon Dorn

Email: bdorn@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423-236-2992

Other: Looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

Job Posted: 2/6/2024

Talge Hall - Chapel

Life Group Coach

Location/Department: Office of Ministry and Missions


  1. Administrative a. Attend weekly team Transformation Tuesdays (11am-12pm) b. Attend OMM Fall Orientation & Retreat and Winter Retreat.
  2. Assist in LifeGroup Orientation & GroupLink each semester.
  3. Participate in all OMM events as described in the contract.
  4. Serve as a Vespers Greeter as scheduled.
  5. Essential Responsibilities
  6. Serve four volunteer LifeGroup student leaders as a mentor.
  7. Model spiritual fitness and facilitate meaningful worship experiences during weekly mentee meetings.
  8. Guide mentees through the process of launching, sustaining, and cultivating a spiritually transformative experience within their LifeGroup.

iii. Envision with mentees to help them develop new skills for spiritual leadership.

  1. Equip mentees with resources to lead well, and celebrate their efforts with affirmation and gifts.
  2. Attend a minimum of one mentee LifeGroup meeting weekly.
  3. Professional Development
  4. Attend weekly team LifeGroup Coach meetings.
  5. Meet weekly with LifeGroup Director.
  6. Meet weekly with another LifeGroup Coach for peer support.

Qualifications:  *Personal, intimate relationship with God 
Mentorship (formal & informal)
Prior experience as a small group leader
Interpersonal skills
Time management skills
Initiation, assertiveness, & responsibility
Spiritual maturitity

Hours: 8 weekly average; 10 maximum 

Pay Rate: Based on class standing 

Person to Contact: Anna Bennett

Email: annabennett@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423-236-2441

Other: Submit an application here: https://forms.office.com/r/fxXMxJdnaz

Job Posted: 2/8/24

Ministry and Missions

Sound Tech

Location/Department: Audio Visual

Description/Duties: Setup, manage, and tear down of audio / video equipment Providing mic(s) to presenters Running sound for Convocation

Qualifications: Digital soundboard experience Tech savvy Has an ear for good quality sound Willful learner Doing it for the Glory of God

Hours: Must be able to work Thursdays from 10a - 12p

Pay Rate: Based on grade

Person to Contact: Linski Cherisol

Email: linskic@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2214

Job Posted: 2/9/2024

Audio Visual

Smart Start 

Location/Department:  The Bietz Center for Student life Smart Start 

Description/Duties: Rotation with floor coverage (INFO desk, 2nd Floor, 3rd floor desk), loan out game room equipment, answer phones at INFO desk, custodial tasks- bathroom cleaning rotation, vacuuming, wiping down furniture, cleaning windows, and taking out trash. Checking in with student supervisor or facilities manager, customer service skills, work on a rotating team weekend schedule (every 4th weekend).

Qualifications: Dependable, punctual, kind and courteous, positive attitude, communicative, self-motivated (a MUST).

7:30a-11p M-Th7:30a-4p Friday5p-11p Saturday10a-11p Sunday
2 hr. minimum shift is preferred. Scheduling is flexible with class schedule availability.

Pay Rate: Starting at $8.25

Person to Contact: Joey Tolbert

Email: jtolbert@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423-236-2070

Other: For fall 2024

Job Posted: 2/12/2024

Auto shop janitor

Location/Department:  Ledford Hall / Applied Technology

Description/Duties:  Clean shop, do minor maintenance, wash cars, and other duties as assigned

Qualifications: Must be able to lift/carry 25-50 lbs on a regular basis, be willing and able to follow directions, be reliable, and be mechanically minded (to do maintenance repairs). 

Hours: 10-15 hours per week

Pay Rate: $8/hr

Person to Contact: Emiko Miyagi

Email: technology@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2863

Job Posted: 2/12/2024


Location/Department: Hulsey Wellness Center

Clean interior of building as directedRemove debris from entrancesEmpty trash and recycling binsStock and maintain supply rooms

Good communication skillsAbility to use various cleaning solutionsAbility to lift and move at least 50 poundsGood organization skillsTime-management skillsAbility to operate cleaning machinery

Hours: Flexible hours working around class schedule. Hours available between 5 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Pay Rate: According to class standing +$2

Person to Contact: Leah Parris

Email: leahp@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2852

Job Posted: 2/12/2024

Talge Hall Office - Summer

Location/Department: Talge Hall

Description/Duties: Provide a welcoming environment for students and visitors. Office duties include but are not limited to: encoding ID cards,handling incoming mail, issuing bike permits, proof of residency letters, assist with projects under the direction of the Office Manager and Deans.

Qualifications: Professional appearance (uphold the policies in the student handbook) and confidentiality of student information; be self-motivated, punctual, good interpersonal skills, knowledgeable in microsoft office, Abode and EZTrackit mail system

Hours:  Hiring for Summer 2024 - Hours 9-5pm Monday-Thursday and 9-3pm on Friday, $1.00 extra/hour, up to $500.00 Bonus at the end of summer, up to 38 hours/week and lower dorm rent for summer residents 

Pay Rate: Based on class standing

Person to Contact: Susan Behnke

Email: Susanb@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423-236-2990

Job Posted: 2/15/2024

Talge Hall

Studio Assistant

Location/Department: SVAD

• Maintain, clean, and organize Studio classroom spaces, including sweeping, collecting trash, and tidying up common spaces weekly. • Inventory materials and make recommendations for items to reorder (particularly at the end of each semester)• Research and propose new ideas for maintaining studio spaces.• Be familiar with Studio space rules and regulations• Be willing to kindly remind students to respect rules and regulations,  so as to maintain the spaces for the benefit of all who use them• Report major or recurring infractions and/or abuse of spaces or equipment.• Occasionally assist in other areas of the SVAD, including with gallery openings, seasonal events, printing & organizing documents, or assisting instructor in grading/reading, or other projects as needed.• Represent Seventh-Day Adventist institutional values and encourage others to do so as well.

• A conscientious character• Detail oriented• Familiarity with studio usage• Reliable and self-motivated.• Self motivated and have excellent problem solving skills• Preference will be given to BFA Fine Art majors

Hours: Evenings, somewhat flexible

Pay Rate: Dependent on class standing

Person to Contact: Richard Elvin and Donald Keefe

Email: donaldkeefe@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2646

Job Posted: 2/15/2024


Evening Closer Assistant

Location/Department: The Garden

Description/Duties: Assist with evening cleaning and closing of the kitchen.

Hours: Wednesday 6pm-closing (Approx 7:30pm)

Pay Rate: Student Pay Scale

Person to Contact: Maggie Pickens

Email: mpickens@southern.edu

Office Phone: 1706.809.3714

Job Posted: 2/16/2024

The Garden

Chefs Assistant

Location/Department: The Garden

Description/Duties: Kitchen Assistant Individual to assist the Chef in the back of house. Duties include but are not limited to the following tasks: basic food task preparation, slicing and dicing of vegetables, handling the food line during active service hours cleaning and sanitation of dishes and workstations.

Monday-Friday 11:45am-3pmTuesday 3pm-5pmThursday 3pm-5pm

Pay Rate: Student Pay Scale

Person to Contact: Magdalana Pickens

Email: mpickens@southern.edu

Office Phone: 1706.809.3714

Job Posted: 2/16/2024

The Garden

General Chemistry Grader

Location/Department: Chemistry Department

• Grade homework assignments or other assignments as designated by the direct supervisor• Assist in recording grades for graded assignments as designated by the direct supervisor• Assist in returning graded assignments to students as designated by the direct supervisor

• Successful prior completion of CHEM 151• Oral communication skills must be sufficient to clearly communicate with the direct supervisor regarding work-related issues• Hearing abilities must be sufficient to hear supervisors’ instructions, questions, and answers• Visual abilities must be sufficient to read students’ assignments, answer keys, and gradebooks or other documents used to record student grades• Handwriting skills must be sufficient to legibly write corrections and grades on student assignments and to record student grades• Chemistry majors are given preference in hiring

Hours: Flexible as needed by course instructor--expect a typical week to require 2-4 hours of work

Pay Rate: $7.40-$8.25 depending on prior chemistry coursework completed

Person to Contact: Brent Hamstra

Email: bhamstra@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2203

Job Posted: 2/20/2024

Chemistry Department

Archaeology Museum Assistant

Location/Department: School of Religion

o Keeping the museum’s interactive features in working order.o Writing and managing web content for the museum website via OuCampus software and keeping social media current.o Assisting with the installation and removal of exhibit materials.o Attending museum lectures and helping with various needs (such as picking up convocation cards and making attendance sheets).o Distributing museum materials around campus to highlight upcoming events.o Working on miscellaneous museum-related and/or excavation-related projects for the museum coordinator, museum curator, and docent coordinator.o Maintaining museum facilities through vacuuming, dusting, cleaning displays, emptying trash, and recording daily hygrometer readings, resetting video pillars when needed.o Give tours to guests when available

o   Applicants should possess the ability to communicate effectively through writing, comfort with working independently, willingness to tackle new tasks, a spirit of professionalism, and maintenance of a high level of personal integrity.o  Preference given to archaeology majors/minors, museum studies majors, and history majors.

Hours: 10-12 Hrs

Pay Rate: Commensurate with class standing (based on Southern’s student pay scale)

Person to Contact: Angela Edwards

Email: edwardsa@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2027

Other: If interested, please send in a letter indicating the reasons for your interest, your résumé, and work schedule.

Job Posted: 2/22/2024

School of Religion

Student Housekeeper

Location/Department: Village Market


* Help to maintain store cleanliness and neatness.

* Sanitizing and cleaning all bathrooms in the store.

* Sweeping and vacuuming the floors.

* Taking out trash and replacing with new bags.

* Refilling sanitizing stations and other dispensers.

* Help with stock and grocery when housekeeping tasks are complete.


Some housekeeping and janitorial experience preferred.

Must have strong work ethic and motivation.

Must be punctual and reliable.

Must be able to handle all housekeeping related tasks properly.


MUST be available for evening shifts.

Must be able to work 10-15 hours a week.

Shifts Needed:

Sunday: anytime (9-12am) or (1-5pm)

Monday: 8-12

Tuesday: 5-8pm or 4-8pm

Wednesday: 8-12

Thursday: 5-8pm or 4-8pm

Friday: shifts vary

Not a requirement to work every shift listed but MUST be able to work Tuesday and Thursday shifts. Other shifts are not a requirement.

Pay Rate: Based on class standing

Person to Contact: Emily Turk

Email: emilyturk@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2301

Job Posted: 2/23/24

Village Market

Student Grocery/Bakery Stocker

Location/Department: Village Market


* Stock shelves with dry, refrigerated and frozen product in an accurate and timely manner.

* Front and block shelves to help maintain a neat and organized store image.

* Look for and remove expired items.

* Help with inventory tasks.

* Assist customers with a friendly and courteous behavior.

* When assigned, assist with various other retail tasks such as aisle resets, tag replacements, and perform housekeeping duties when needed.

* Assist in picking and completing online orders when asked.

* Date and stock bakery items in the bakery department.


* Must be able to lift and carry at least 30lbs or more with relative ease.

* Must be punctual and reliable.

* Must have a friendly and willingness-to-help attitude.

* Must be able to follow directions well and work efficiently alone.

* Must be able to work accurately and in a fast-paced manner.

* Must be available 10-15 hours a week.

* Must be able to work Sundays periodically.

* Must be willing and able to use radios to communicate.

* Previous retail experience a plus, but not necessary.

Hours: 10-15 hours per week needed. More is welcome.

Morning Shifts and Evening Shifts needed.

Must work at least 3 days a week.

Pay Rate: Based on class standing 

Person to Contact: Emily Turk

Email: emilyturk@southern.edu

Office Phone: 423.236.2301

Job Posted: 2/23/24

Village Market