Student Job Board


Important: Southern participates in the government program E-verify. (more information|para informacio) Southern Adventist University requires all students to visit the Human Resource Department to complete new hire paperwork after they have been hired, and before the start of the first day of work:


Department: Transportation

Hours: Flexible

Pay Rate: TBD

Description: Clean shop floors, restrooms, office.

Qualifications: Cleaning experience helpful but not required. Must be dependable.

Other: please email current copy of class schedule

Contact Name: Sandra Garcia

Contact Phone: 423.236.2716


Audio Visual Technician 

Department: Audio Visual

Hours: 0-20 hours a week. Flexible hours that vary depending on when we need you and when you are available. 

*We cannot guarantee full hours every week.* 

Pay Rate: Based off of the Southern Pay Scale

Description: Duties include working as a camera operator, running live sound for small to medium sized programs, manage equipment on a live stage, and run video and slides on a computer.

Qualifications: Techs should be willing to work flexible hours during the school day but mostly evenings and weekends.

Must have the ability to lift a minimum of 70 lbs.

Must be able to keep a good Christian attitude and be okay with stressful situations that come with a live program.

No experience necessary, only a willing spirit to learn.

Other: Email resume to

Contact Name: Linski Cherisol

Contact Phone: 423.236.2214



Department: Kayak

Hours: Mondays/Wednesdays 11am - 1:30pm 

Pay Rate: Varies


Deliver food from the cafeteria and VM Deli to the kayak.

Deliver cash deposit to Wright hall Cashiers office. Pick up petty cash change.

Cook Tapioca Pearls for Boba Pearl Tea


Must have a current driver's license. Be able to lift 50 lbs or more.

Must be punctual, hardworking, and honest

Other: Email Schedule

Contact Name: Amelia Laneville


Student Mentor 

Department: First Year Experience 

Hours: 6 hours/week

Pay Rate: According to class standing

Description: We are looking for students who enjoy leading, meeting new people and planning activities. This is an opportunity to connect and grow with students who may have little to no experience in College. With your own personal experience and knowledge, you can be the helping hand that someone may need in this new journey through school.

Qualifications: Sophomore class standing or higher with a desire to work and assist freshmen students. Must meet a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

Contact Name: Renita Moore

Contact Phone: 423.236.2575


SVAD Summer Lighting Lab Assistant

Department: School of Visual Art and Design 

Hours: 10-20 hours a week

Pay Rate: TBD

Description: Responsible for organizing and repairing lab equipment.  Will help facilitate equipment checkouts and help train students on how to properly use equipment.  Will maintain appropriate behavior and will oversee and encourage other students to respect the lighting lab.  Will be responsible for keeping the lab clean and looking professional.  Demonstrate a motivated interest in creative production.  Will search out opportunities to support his/her team members and commit to fulfilling their given task from start to finish.  Will arrive to work on time and with enthusiasm while seeking out opportunities to improve his/her skills.

Qualifications: Must have a knowledge of film equipment and how to use it correctly.  Ability to life items over fifty pounds.  Know basic computer skills.   Have organizational skills - a must.

Other: Come to the SVAD office and pick up an application (BH 2006) 

Contact Name: Linda Brooks

Contact Phone: 423.236.2732

Student Assistant

Department: Billing-Collections

Hours: 10-15

Pay Rate: Grade level appropriate

Description: Help with collections of outstanding accounts 

Qualifications: Detailed, good working knowledge of excel and word, motivated self starter 

Contact Name: Kathy Davis

Contact Phone: 423.236.2653


Office Manager's Assistant

Department: School of Visual Art and Design 

Hours: 5-10 hours/week usually

Pay Rate: TBD

Description: General office duties include but are not limited to:  answer and direct phone calls when office manager is out, distribute mail and packages, send out emails for various events, maintain filing system, make folders, labels, and copies, do data entry for senior exit reviews.   Design Informational Posters: convocations, parties, general announcements, and invitations.  Run Errands:  Wright Hall, Campus Shop, VM, WalMart, etc.  Help With Gallery Receptions:  set up, prepare food, serve, clean up.  Clean and organize food prep area.  Clean the office, vacuum and dust.  Keep the lobby area  tidy.  Help decorate for holidays and special events.  Be available for department convos.  Make pop corn and cotton candy for students and staff.  Grade papers for the dean when necessary.

Qualifications: Professional appearance and behavior:  honesty and confidentiality essential; ability to do accurate and detailed work is essential; be self-motivated, punctual, have good interpersonal interaction skills - comfortable working with faculty, students, guest artists, and greeting visitors.  Computer Skills:  Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and proficient in InDesign and Photoshop.

Other: Come to the SVAD front office to pick up an application - Brock Hall Room 2006 

Contact Name: Linda Brooks

Contact Phone: 423.236.2732

Student Support Manager (SSM) - Fall 2018

Department: Lynn Wood Hall/Student Success Center

Hours: 20 per week

Pay Rate: $9.00/hr

Description: Available during the fall and winter semester for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Participate in weekly Student Support Team meetings Manage assigned caseload according to the protocol. Assess need for services and develop Individual Service Plan (ISP) with the student. Connect student/s to appropriate services/resources. Monitor the student's progress toward achieving goals identified in the ISP. Maintain up to date documentation/case notes Assist with intervention programs for special populations.

Qualifications: Graduate student (Social Work or Psychology emphasis, preferred) Maintain good academic standing. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Customer service minded Familiar with campus resources Organized, self-starter, critical thinker Work efficiently alone and with a team Leadership qualities. Ability to connect with students. Maintain integrity and confidentiality. Proficient in MS Office with the ability to learn other programs.

Other: Please send a resume to the email listed above. Only graduate students may apply.

Contact Name: Regina Bailey

Contact Phone: 423.236.2838


Kayak Worker

Department: Kayak

Hours: All shifts Monday- Thursday 2pm - 9:30pm

Pay Rate: Varies

Description: Making smoothies, customer service, working register, putting away stock, keep work area clean. Any job the student supervisor needs completed for the Kayak.

Qualifications: On the job training. Need to return to work prior to school opening for training. Looking for friendly people with good attitudes, willing to work hard,

Other: Email Schedule

Contact Name: Amelia Laneville


Career Services Graduate Assistant (for F18-W19) 

Department: Career Services (Lynn Wood Hall)

Hours: 10-15 hours/week (flexible)


-Work with the Career Services Coordinator to facilitate career development opportunities for all students.

-Provide job preparation assistance, including guiding students in writing resumes and cover letters, practicing interviews and searching for employment.

-Assist in increasing awareness of the services and resources offered to students through Career Services, including jobZology, Big Interview and the Career Services website.

-Assist in coordinating Career Services-related programs, including the Meet the Firms and Graduate Schools event each semester.

-Administer the Career Ability Placement Survey to appropriate students and score the results.

-Assist with creating, supervising and updating a website of available internships.


Bachelor's degree in psychology, social work, business or a related field. A current graduate student in good standing. Excellent interpersonal, oral, written communication and public speaking skills are required.

Other: Please email a resume to to apply.

Contact Name: Daniel Olson

Contact Phone: 423.236.2078


Talge Housing Office Worker  

Department:  Talge Hall Housing  

Hours: Summers 35 hours per week. During the school year 15 - 20 hours per week.


  1. Good communication skills are a must. We speak face to face, on the phone, or in answering emails for students and parents.
  2. Computer skills including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint are used in the office daily, along with other housing programs you will learn along the way.
  3. Keeping accurate records of student applications, room reservations and assignments.
  4. Inputting room assignments for billing each semester and summers.


1.  This job is open to University Students.

2.  The Student worker must be able to work all summer, except for a couple weeks of vacation.

3.  During the school year the student worker will need to work 15 - 18 hours per week in the Housing office.  During the summer the student worker will typically works 35 hours per week.

Contact Name:  Jeff Erhard


Office Phone:  423.236.2229 

GP Learning Assistant 

Department:  Physics and Engineering

Hours:  Must be available Monday and Friday, June 4 - 29 and July 2 - 27 from 10:00 am - 12:00pm each morning, but additional time in the afternoon would be welcome as well. 

Pay Rate:  10+ per week  

Description:  Proactively help students in General Physics as they learn material. It will include checking that students have set up problems correctly and assisting professor with other assessment activities during all  homework workshop sessions. 

Qualifications:  Must have successfully completed University Physics or General Physics with a grade of B or better.  Interest in and talent for clearing explaining concepts from 10:00am - 12:00pm each morning, but additional time in the afternoon would be welcome as well. 

Contact Name:  Chris Hansen

Contact Phone:  423.236.2915


Summer Nursing Tutors

Department: Tutoring Center, McKee Library

Hours: Flexible

Description: We are looking for students who are able to tutor the following nursing courses during the summer (and the upcoming fall semester if applicable): Adult II, Adult III, Childbearing Family, Child Health.

Responsibilities: Prepare for and facilitate 1-on-1 or small group tutoring sessions with students Must follow all Tutoring Center Policies and diligently fulfill the duties of a peer tutor introduced during initial training Must attend additional required training or mandatory meetings Must keep an open communication with the Tutor Coordinators and the Tutoring Center Director

Qualifications: Must be an enrolled Southern student Must have completed at least one semester of college level courses Must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 Must have received a B+ or above in the courses to tutor Preferably be able to tutor more than one subject Excellent communication skills and willing to work with the Tutor Coordinators and a variety of students

Other: Come by the office or send us an email to fill out an application 

Contact Name: Inah Pagarigan 

Contact Phone: 423.236.2578


Confidential Assistant

Department: DSS

Hours: TBD - Summer Hours


Create, sort, organize, and update files.

In keeping with FERPA, HIPPA and SAU policy, keep all information confidential, including but not limited to information contained in files or overheard in conversations and phone calls.

Help proctor exams.

Create Word or Excel documents and charts from data.

Assist the DSS Coordinator in her daily responsibilities and special events.

Greet people, answer phones, schedule appointments, and handle inquiries regarding Southern and DSS.

Assist current or potential students and/or parents with questions, procedures, and resources.

Scan former student files to digital copy.

Make copies and send faxes as needed.


Ability to communicate effectively, both in person and in writing, in supportive, non-judgmental manner.

Past experience in office setting, helpful but not required.

Training in FERPA (DSS will provide training if necessary).

Computer competence, particularly in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Willingness to learn new skills.

Contact Name: Mariella Pechero


Landscape Workers - Great Pay 

Department:  Landscape Services 

Hours:  Our shifts are Monday-Thursday, 8-12 and 1-5, and Friday, 8-12.  A minimum of 4 hours per shift is required for summer work.

Pay Rate:  According to class standing up to $10.50 p/hr.  A Continuous Service Rate Increase is awarded after completing two semesters.  Plus a bonus is possible after completing the summer period for individual work performance.

Description:  May include mowing, weeding, weed eating, planting, mulching, and general landscape jobs.

Qualifications:  Enjoy working outside in the fresh air and sunshine!  A knowledge of landscape work is a plus, but not a requirement.

Contact Name:  Mark Antone

Contact Phone:  423.236.2747


How to Apply:  Please come to the Landscape Office on Park Lane and fill out an application.

F18 Tutors 

Department:  Tutoring Center 

Hours:  Flexible, can work with class schedule

Pay Rate: Based on class standing, opportunity to raise pay up to $8.75+


We are looking for students who are able to tutor at least two of the following:

ACT Test Preparation

Biology courses--Anat & Phys, Genetics, Gen. Microbiology, etc.

Chemistry courses--Gen. Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Gen. Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology Physics courses--Gen. Physics, University Physics Math courses--Statistics, College Algebra, Precalc Algebra, Precalc Trig, Calculus Business/Finance courses--Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Personal Finance, Principles of Finance, Accounting Nursing courses: Adult I, II, III, Fundamentals, Mental Health, Applied Statistics, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, etc.

Religion courses: Greek, Hebrew, Life and Teachings, Advenstist Heritage

Other: Dev. Psychology, Gen. Psychology, American History, World Societies, Earth Science, Public Speaking


Prepare for and facilitate 1-on-1 or small group tutoring sessions with students

Must follow all Tutoring Center Policies and diligently fulfill the duties of a peer tutor introduced during initial training

Must attend additional required training or mandatory meetings

Must keep an open communication with the Tutor Coordinators and the Tutoring Center Director 

Contact Name:  Inah Pagarigan/Roy Calderon

Office Phone:  423.236.2578


Student Cashier

Department: Village Market

Hours: Must be Flexible and will work Sundays.

Pay Rate: TBD

Description: Use cash register to check out customers. 

Qualifications: Great costumer service, eye to detail, able to work the summer, from now till school starts.  May,June, July and part of Aug.

Other: It is a must of Flexibility.

Contact Name: Dennis Smith 

Contact Phone: 423.236.2301


Evening Supervisor

Department: Library 

Hours: 9pm - midnight

Pay Rate: $8.75

Description: This position requires that the Supervisor oversees the general operation of the library on Sundays and evenings in the absence of the Director of Libraries. Position requires excellent people skills, attention to detail and prior work experience in the library. It requires knowledge of procedures in Periodicals, Media and Circulation, as well as procedures for opening and closing the library, and emergency situations.


The following minimum requirements are established for the position:

l. Must be a graduate student, or age 21 or older.

2.The ability to relate well with the people being served. Must have the ability to rectify unpleasant situations.

3. The ability to assimilate and follow policies and procedures.

4. Thorough knowledge of all circulation procedures and ability to use all related equipment: computers, printers and copiers.  

5. Basic knowledge of periodicals and media procedures and equipment use.

6. Good working knowledge of the online databases and other research resources and a desire to assist patrons with research.

7. Willingness to confront and correct peers kindly, but firmly, if necessary

Contact Name: Carol Harrison


Contact Phone: 423.236.2010

Short-term, short-notice work

Description: If you are available for short-term, short-notice work, then Human Resources would like to speak with you.

Periodically, departments on campus have large projects that require extra help, either because the project comes in at the last minute or because it is a busy time of year and they need an extra person. While these projects will not turn into a part-time job, or last long, Human Resources would like to have a list of available workers on hand for the departments to contact. Students who are interested can sign up in Human Resources and be notified via email when a department has a job starting in a day or two and lasting no more than two weeks.

1) Sign up for the email list (and complete required paperwork) in Human Resources.

2) Check your email and respond to opportunities you're interested in/available for/qualified to do.

3) Departments will fill their needs on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4) Jobs will start with little notice and last for no more than two weeks at a time.

This will not be a placement list, so signing up for this service will not find you a regular student job on campus. This is only an opportunity to be available for work here and there, on a very short-term basis. You must be registered for classes at Southern to be on this list.

Contact Info: Stop by Human Resources to sign up


Top 10 Campus Employers

Dining Hall
Jeri Pewsey,

Talge Hall
Lisa Patterson,

Thatcher Hall
Belinda Fisher, 

Service Department
Bernetta Shockley,

Hulsey Wellness Center
Darin Bissell,

KR's Place
Kim Armstrong,

Village Market
Dennis Smith,

Landscape Services
Mark Antone,

McKee Library
Carol Harrison,

Plant Services
Kim Sturm,