Student Job Board

Important: Southern participates in the government program E-verify. (more information|para informacio) Southern Adventist University requires all students to visit the Human Resource Department to complete new hire paperwork after they have been hired, and before the start of the first day of work:

 Grant Assistant

Grant Assistant (Winter 2019)
Location/Department McKee Library

Student worker needed to help with grant project during Winter 2019 semester. Student will help with the digitization, editing, and publishing of images for a online reading list. Please note, this is a temporary position only.

Qualifications: -Organized and Detail-oriented -Familiar with Adobe (specifically Acrobat and Lightroom or Photoshop) -Comfortable learning new technologies -Reliable -Able to work independently Hours Flexible but must be available 10 hours per week. Will set your own schedule based on librarian hours.

Pay Rate: TBD

Contact: Pamela Foard

Office Phone: 2393

To apply, please email: and include your resume and course schedule for Winter 2019.

General Laborers

General Laborers 

Location/Department: Plant Services Maintenance 

Description/Duties: Working both on your own and with a Technician in keeping our buildings and Apartments up. Many various jobs, from working in our shop to helping with Carpentry, electrical, Plumbing, tile, building Exteriors etc.
A good attitude and work ethic. We can teach you the rest Hours Prefer morning or afternoon blocks of time if possible. will work with schedule to a degree. At least 2 days a week Pay Rate Based on Class Standing plus .25. Then based on performance, unless coming in already skilled.
Office Phone:
Come up to Plant Service and see Kim.

ERC Student Worker

ERC Student Worker

Location/Department: ERC/School of Religion

Description/Duties: Help process ERC Missions participants, help facilitate ERC events.
Must have good people skills, able to follow instruction, have been on an ERC Missions trip or is signed up for a trip this summer, have a good working knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel.
at least a 2-hour block of time twice a week, and some weekends

Pay Rate: standard
Office Phone:

Advancement Call Center Help

Advancement Call Center Representative

The Call Center is so much more than earning a paycheck. In this position you will have the opportunity to make an impact on so many lives including your own. You may be nervous or unsure about applying for a fundraising job, but don't dismiss it until you've learned a little more.

How you'll impact others:

You will be calling alumni and donors of Southern Adventist University. In each call, you will have three main objectives:
1. Build a connection and relationship with the person
2. Reconnect that individual back to what's happening on Southern's campus
3. Give that person the opportunity to show their support of Southern students

How your own life will be impacted:
1. Develop communication skills like you never knew you could (something that is invaluable, no matter your major or career path)
2. Have a strong reference for your resume
3. Network with wonderful alumni and donors (we often have callers stay in touch with people they met on the phone)
4. Make a diverse group of friends of all ethnicities, majors, and backgrounds, and by the end of the semester feel like they are your family
5. Experience God in a totally new avenue through nightly worships and in your nightly conversations

This job is all about learning and growing! Most students that are hired learn the necessary skill set while on the job during our training sessions. So, if are you are concerned that you aren't qualified, don't let that stop you from applying.

Our goal is to train and prepare each of our workers with the skills they need to excel. Here are some qualities we are looking for in future callers:

1. Open to challenge and growth
2. Motivated and committed
3. Well-spoken
4. Passionate
5. Positive

Each caller is required to work two evening shifts. Shifts are Monday thru Thursday from 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. each week. Callers can work 7-14 hours per week.

Pay Rate
Pay rate is based on your class standing (standard on-campus pay scale) with opportunities for bonuses and raises at the end of each semester.


Student Worker - Kayak

Location/Department: Kayak
Making Smoothies
Customer Service
Accurate Cash Sales
On the Job training
Most Days
Pay Rate:
email a PDF of your schedule

Contact Name: Jeri Pewsey
Office Phone:

Accounting Student Worker

Location/Department: Accounting
Provide customer service and assist the Accounts Payable Manager in the daily operations which include but are not limited to the following duties:
-Entering invoices into the A/P system
-Sorting invoices
-Scanning and filing check backup documentation

-Stuffing envelopes

-Helping to go over statements at end of month

-Errand running

Qualifications: Experience working in an office setting, majoring in a business-related field, familiar with Microsoft Office, how to use a 10-key is a plus, and be able to work summers is a must.
Hours: Varying with class schedule
Pay Rate: Per HR policy

Contact Name: David Huisman

Office Phone: 423.236-2821


Lab Assistant for CPTR 124

Location/Department: Computing
Assist beginning programming students in the design and debugging of C++ programs. Answer questions and provide advice without doing the students' work for them. Evaluate the students' programs for correctness and completeness as directed by the instructor.
Completion of CPTR 124 or equivalent with a grade of B or better.
Knowledge of C++ required.

Hours: Tuesdays, 2-4:30pm
Pay Rate: TBD

Contact Name: Rick Halterman
Phone: 423-236-2871

SVAD Lighting Lab Assistant

SVAD Lighting Lab Assistant

School of Visual Art and Design

Description/Duties: Will be responsible for organizing and repairing lab equipment. Will help maintain appropriate behavior and will oversee and encourage other students to respect the lighting lab. Will be responsible for keeping the lab clean and looking professional. Will help students in the lab set up and put away equipment used. When lab is not in use the assistant will work on projects to improve quality and cleanliness of the lab. No meals during shifts and no expectations for times to do homework. The assistant will demonstrate a motivated interest in creative production. This individual searches out opportunities to support his/her team members and commits to fulfill his/her given task from start to finish. The Lighting Lab Manager trusts they will arrive to work on time and with enthusiasm while seeking out opportunities to improve their skills.
Must have knowledge of film equipment and how to use correctly, ability to lift over fifty pounds, basic computer skills, and ability or organize.
10-20 hours/week
Pay Rate:
Based on class status
Office Phone:
(423) 236-2732
Come to the SVAD front office, Brock Hall, 2nd floor, and pick up an application

Computer Technician

Computer Technician
Location/Department: Information Technology 

Description/Duties: Provide assistance, support and communication regarding complex computer issues. Install, configure and upgrade computer hardware, peripherals and software. Diagnose and repair hardware and software issues.

Qualifications: Advanced knowledge and experience troubleshooting issues in Windows and Mac operating systems. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and other common business applications and ability to learn new software quickly. Experience with troubleshooting hardware and software problems. Ability to work both independently and with a team in solving problems.

Hours: Hours available between 8am-5pm Tuesday and Thursday

Pay Rate: $8.50/hr (potential for higher pay rate based on experience and class standing)
Email: Eli Courey-
Office Phone: 423-236-2667
Other: Please email resume and references to

Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer

Center for Innovation and Research in Computing, School of Computing

Description/Duties: Design, implement, and test software systems and applications with a variety of programming languages and frameworks including, but not limited to, C# / WPF /, Cocoa / Objective-C / Swift, C++, SWIG, PHP, JavaScript, and JQuery.

We are looking for individuals excited to work on projects benefiting companies, Christian ministries, Southern, and other local and remote clients.

Projects range from website and desktop to mobile app development in multiple platforms.


- Computer Science major or Computer Science Embedded Systems major.
- Completed the following courses with a grade of B or better: CPTR124
- Desire to learn and grow in new programming areas.
- Willingness to take on new tasks assigned by supervisor(s).
- Ability to work independently and with others.
- Ability to perform accurate, detailed work in a timely manner.
- Ability to take directions and complete tasks.
Hours: Part-time (10 - 20 hours), between Monday 8 am - Friday 4 pm, as determined by class schedule and load.
Pay Rate: TBD
Office Phone: 423.236.2872
Other: This is a sit down job. Training will be provided.

Graduate Assistantship - Business

Location/Department: School of Business
The School of Business has a graduate assistant position open for current graduate students. The graduate assistant will assist the supervisory professor with research, teaching assistance, administrative tasks, or miscellaneous projects and programs. This is a full-time position that requires 20 hours per week. Graduate assistant will be compensated minimum hourly wage for the 20 hours of work in addition to a 6-credit hour tuition waiver.
- Preference will be given to Graduate Students within the School of Business
- Must be a Masters Level Student
- already taken a statistical class
- computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, and Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) or AMOS (or being willing to learn)
- familiarity with Moodle(e-Class) platform (or a willingness to learn)
- must have Christian values and represent the school with integrity
- ability to work independently and with a team
- must consistently use good discretion and maintain student confidentiality

Hours: To be determined with Supervising Instructor

Pay Rate: $7.25
Contact/Email: Teshia Price
Office Phone: 423.236.2751
Other: Simply forward your email and letter of interest to 

Office Manager's Assistant

Office Phone:
(423) 236-2732
General office duties include but are not limited to: answer and direct phone calls when office manager is out, distribute mail and packages, send out emails for the department, maintain filing system, make folders, labels, and copies, do data entry for senior exit reviews. Design informational posters: convocations, parties, general announcements, and invitations. Run Errands: Wright Hall, Campus Shop, VM, Walmart, etc. Help With Gallery Receptions: set up, prepare food, serve, clean up. Clean and organize the food prep area. Clean the office, vacuum and dust. Keep the lobby area clean. Help decorate for holidays and special events. Be available for department convos. Make popcorn and cotton candy for students and staff. Grade papers for the dean when necessary.
Professional appearance and behavior: honesty and confidentiality essential; ability to do accurate and detailed work is essential; office attire required; be self-motivated, punctual, have good interpersonal interaction skills - comfortable working with faculty, students, guest artists, ad greeting visitors.
Computer Skills:
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and proficient in InDesign and Photoshop.
Hours Flexible for most weeks 3-5 hours
Pay Rate:
Office Phone:
(423) 236-2732
Come to the SVAD front office - 2nd floor Brock Hall 2006, and pick up an application. 

Student Photographer

Student Photographer

Marketing and University Relations

Description/Duties: Photograph campus events, people, places, and still life for use in university publications.
Organize and back up photos using Adobe Lightroom.
Work with professional Canon equipment.
Attend weekly staff meetings
Effectively meet deadlines
Occasionally cover events on weekends, evenings, and other times outside of scheduled office hours.
Prior experience with digital cameras necessary (Canon preferred).
Working knowledge or familiarity with studio lighting preferable.
A strong portfolio of your recent photos is a must.
Must be punctual, reliable, and willing to learn.
Variable. Minimum of 10 per week.
Pay Rate:
$7.25 - $8.75 depending on class standing
Office Phone: (423) 236-2840

Motion and Interactive Designer

Title Motion and Interactive Designer

Location/Department: Online Campus
Create whiteboard-style and other animated motion design videos from supplied scripts and recorded audio using the VideoScribe and Powtoons applications.
Work with project leaders to adapt visual style and pacing from the provided scripts and audio.
Work with project leaders to choose or create appropriate graphics for use in animations based on provided scripts and audio.
Choose appropriate music and sound effects based on the provided scripts and audio.
Develop interactive learning modules from templates and provided scripts using Articulate Storyline 360.
Work with project leaders to adapt the provided scripts into functional interactive modules which will include informational slides, embedded videos, and quizzes and other user feedback.
Applicants should be comfortable with technology and be able to apply design principles in a range of digital applications. Training for the specific applications used will be provided; familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud is ideal, but not necessary. Flexibility and critical thinking, as well as the ability to research problems and craft solutions on the fly will be required.
Flexible within our office hours of M-Th 8-5:30, F 8-noon 
Ryan Harrell
Office Phone:


Magabook Canvassing

Location/Department:LEAD - Pierson Institute

Description/Duties:Door to door work with books offering them to the people for a donation. Praying with people and seeking for those who would study Bible with us.

Qualifications:Experienced and new canvassers are welcome. We will provide training.


Su. 2-6pm
Mo. - Th. 3.30 - 7.30pm
Mo. - Th. 9.30 - 12.30pm
Choose one or two shifts.
Pay Rate To be discussed

Contact Name: Vlasta Hybl
apply at click on LEAD


Location/Department:Thatcher Housekeeping

Description/Duties:Cleaning of assigned area. Trash removal,sweeping, mopping, vacuuming,etc.

Qualifications:Must be able to work independently after training. Must be reliable and dependable.

Hours:Must be available for a consecutive 2 hour shift. May work more than 1 shift per day. Schedule is made to accommodate class times.

Contact Name: Teri Klinger

Office Phone: 236-2909

History Reader

Location/Department: History & Political Studies


1. Heavy grading, including quizzes and exams

2. Record grades and attendance

3. Discuss assignments with students when necessary

4. Make copies, organizing folders, light cleaning (vacuuming, wiping counters, taking out trash, etc.)

5. Other duties requested by professor (proctoring exams, collecting work from students, etc.)


1. History major with 3.0 GPA or higher

2. Strong communication skills (written and verbal)

3. Must be organized, trustworthy, punctual and professional

4. Must be familiar with eClass

5. Reader experience preferred

6. Must be available for the entire school year (including finals week)

Hours Flexible:-TBD with professor

Pay Rate:Student wage scale

Contact Name: Lisa Hyder
Office Phone:
please send resume, including cover letter, prior work references, expected graduation date and W19 class schedule

Confidential Assistants 

Location/Department: DSS

Description/Duties: Create, sort, organize, and update files.

In keeping with FERPA, HIPPA and SAU policy, keep all information confidential, including but not limited to information contained in files or overheard in conversations and phone calls.

Help proctor exams.

Create Word or Excel documents and charts from data.

Assist the DSC in her/his daily responsibilities and special events.

Greet people, answer phones, schedule appointments, and handle inquiries regarding Southern and DSS

Assist current or potential students and/or parents with questions, procedures, and resources

Scan student files to digital copy.

Make copies and send faxes as needed.

Qualifications: Ability to communicate effectively, both in person and in writing, in supportive, non-judgmental manner.

Computer competence, particularly in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Preference given to graduate and/or upper classmen.

Hours: Monday and Wednesdays
2-5 PM
Tuesdays and Thursdays
8-10:45 AM

Pay Rate: Class Standing

Contact Name: Mariella Pechero


Gallery Helper

Location/Department:School of Visual Art and Design

Description/Duties:Set up for gallery shows and receptions. Load and unload artworks. Mount paintings to walls or place sculptures in the space. Help arrange works or art aesthetically and place the spotlighting appropriately on the object displayed. Take pictures and post as needed, learn to make labels, print and place them on the walls. Prepare food and serve during the reception. Take down and clean up after the reception.

Hours:3-5 hours/week average

Pay Rate:TBD

Contact Name: Linda Brooks

Office Phone: (423) 236-2732

Other: Come to the SVAD office (Brock Hall 2nd floor, Room 2006) to pick up an application

Teacher Assistant

Location/Department: Lester Coon Adventist School

Description/Duties: Assist teacher in the classroom, playground, or outdoor classroom Qualifications Qualify for Work Study.
Personal transportation.
Class schedule coordinates with class need.

Hours: 8:00-3:00: school hours
11:30-2:30 are most helpful hours

Pay Rate: TBD

Contact Name: Nancy Zima-Gentry

Office Phone:

Other: fill position before Winter Break

Writing Center Tutor

Location/Department: Writing Center (McKee Library)

Description/Duties: Writing tutors work with writers of all levels and disciplines on a variety of assignments and projects, such as essays, lab reports, research papers, resumes, and presentations.

Qualifications: Current enrollment as a SAU student in good academic standing
Class standing of sophomore or higher
Strong background and high level of comfort with the practice of writing
Received at least a B+ in ENGL 101 and 102/3
Strong critical thinking skills
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Demonstrate a willingness to participate in on-going training

Hours: flexible

Pay Rate: Alternate wage

Contact Name: Sonja Fordham

Office Phone: 423.883.2580
Other: Email and request an application How long do you wish to list


Location/Department: Writing Center (McKee Library) 

Provide a consistent, friendly front desk presence by greeting and assisting students and other visitors.
Answer incoming calls for the Writing Center.
Help students schedule or cancel tutoring appointments.
Answer all emails written to the Writing Center email.
Contact tutors if they dont show up for their appointments.
Make sure that all the writing tutors have completed their client report forms within 24 hours of their appointments. If they havent, send them a friendly reminder to complete the client report forms.
Photocopy handouts and forms when we run out of them.
Help students print their paper when they come to their appointment without a hard copy.
Make sure it doesnt get too noisy in the Center.
Keep the front desk and Writing Center area clean and organized.
Update the whiteboard with art and writing quotes.
Keep the mugs washed.

Qualifications:  Current enrollment as an SAU student in good academic standing

Strong background and high level of comfort with the practice of writing: B+ or higher in College Composition 101 and 102/3
Strong critical thinking skills
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Hours: Ability to work at least 3 mornings per week

Pay Rate: Determined by class standing

Contact Name: Sonja Fordham

Office Phone: 423.236.2384
Other: Email resume to

Student Reader 

Reader- School of Journalism and Communication

Description: Student Reader needed to grade for Professor Lopez-Thismon. Other administrative duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Must be punctual, dependable, accurate, and able to maintain confidence. Must have taken both Composition I and II, and Communication & Public Speaking to apply.

Looking for strong writing and editing skills.

Hours: 10 hours per week. For winter semester, but would like to do some training with current reader this semester.

Contact: Email resume and schedule to

Custodian BONUS Pay available

Location/Department: Transportation

Description/Duties: General office cleaning, empty trash, vacuuming, light dusting, sweeping etc....

Hours: Available at least 3 days a week, three hour blocks.

Pay Rate: TBD

Contact Name: Sandy Garcia


Office Phone: 423-236-2716

Student Office Worker – Student Development

Location/Department: Student Development

Description/Duties: Supporting the Student Development team in general office tasks. 


- Proficient in Office Suite

- Efficient and detail oriented

- Excellent communication skills (phone, writing and in person)

- Prior office experience preferred

- Please send resume, including cover letter, prior work references, expected graduation date and W19 class schedule

- Professional dress

- Must have 2-4 hour time blocks available  Hours: 10 - 12 Hrs weekly, starting January 2019 Pay Rate: In accordance with the HR student wage scale

Apply: Email information to Teri Reutebuch at

Contact Name: Teri Reutebuch


Office Phone: 423.236.2814

Office Assistant 

Location/Department: Daniells Hall

Description/Duties -General office tasks (copying, filing, mail, phone, fax, errands, etc.) -Class support (maintaining grade book on eclass, etc.) -Document support (proofreading, making revisions in APA, etc.) -Financial support (expense reports, travel arrangements, credit card reviews, etc.) -Research support (literature and data searches, etc.)

Qualifications -Computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) -Excellent communication skills (writing, verbal) -Ability to do accurate, detailed work in a timely manner -Critical thinking & analysis skills -Organizational strengths -Self-motivated, responsible, trustworthy -Ability to work independently -Willingness to learn new tasks

Hours: According to student availability (8 hours per week)

Pay Rate: $7.25-$8.50/hr. (According to university's student labor pay scale limits based on class standing)

Contact Name: Cheryl Craven


Office Phone: 423.236.2775

Other: To apply, please email a cover letter, your resume including two references, current class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.), major, and expected graduation date to You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. If selected to interview, you will receive a phone call.

Landscape Workers - Great Pay

Department: Landscape Services

Hours: Our shifts are Monday-Thursday, 8-12 and 1-5, and Friday, 8-12. A minimum of 4 hours per shift is required for summer work. A minimum of 2 hours per shift is required during the school year.

Pay Rate: According to class standing up to $10.50 p/hr. A Continuous Service Rate Increase is awarded after completing two semesters. Plus a bonus is possible after completing the summer period for individual work performance.

Description: May include mowing, weeding, weed eating, planting, mulching, and general landscape jobs.

We are now taking applications for next semester.

Qualifications: Enjoy working outside in the fresh air and sunshine! A knowledge of landscape work is a plus, but not a requirement.

Contact Name: Mark Antone

Contact Phone: 423.236.2747

How to Apply: Please come to the Landscape Office on Park Lane and fill out an application.

Lead Reporter

Location/Department: Southern Accent

Description/Duties: Write biweekly news stories on topics on campus

Qualifications: Knowledge of AP style, Preferably have taken Writing for the Media, writing proficiency, willing to learn

Hours: 1-3 a week

Pay Rate: Paid by assignment

Contact Name: Tierra Hayes
Office Phone:

Art Director, Winter Semester

Location/Department: Southern Accent

The Art Director oversees and manages the visual identity of the paper
Duties include, but are not limited to
Supervising and guiding layout designers
Answering questions
Being the deciding vote about a certain design aspect
Approves all layouts before sending off
Works with layout designers to remove
Awkward white spaces
Aids in practice of good design techniques
Designing infographics
Working on extra design pieces needed for the paper outside of usual layout
Coordinates visuals for paper in general from week to week
Helps to brainstorm
Helps Editor in Chief with final edits

Qualifications: Ample design experience, expertise in Adobe Suites (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), good communication skills, works well with others

Hours: 8 a week, negotiable

Pay Rate: 8.25

Contact Name: Tierra Hayes
Office Phone: 423.236.2612

Library/Circulation Desk/Evenings

Library Circulation Desk

Title: Evening Supervisor 

Requirements/Skills: This position requires that the Supervisor oversees the general operation of the library on Sundays and evenings in the absence of the Director of Libraries.

Position requires excellent people skills, attention to detail and prior work experience in the library. It requires knowledge of procedures in Periodicals, Media and Circulation, as well as procedures for opening and closing the library, and emergency situations.

Qualifications: The following minimum requirements are established for the position:
l. Must be a graduate student.
2.The ability to relate well with the people being served. Must have the ability to rectify unpleasant situations.
3. The ability to assimilate and follow policies and procedures.
4. Thorough knowledge of all circulation procedures and ability to use all related equipment: computers, printers and copiers.
5. Basic knowledge of periodicals and media procedures and equipment use.
6. Good working knowledge of the online databases and other research resources and a desire to assist patrons with research.
7. Willingness to confront and correct peers kindly, but firmly, if necessary.

Hours 9pm - midnight, Sunday - Thursday
Pay Rate:  $10.00
Office Phone: 4232362010

Vehicle Detail - Bonus Pay Available

Location/Department: Transportation

Description/Duties: Fuel vehicle and detailed cleaning

Hours: 7:30-9:30/10:30 am M-W-F
9:00-12:00 M-W-F
1:00-5:00 W

Name: Sandy Garcia
Office Phone:

Computer Lab Tutor - School of Business

Location/Department: School of Business - Brock Hall 

Description/Duties: -Provide Tutoring Services to Students currently enrolled in any of the following courses: ACCT 505, ACCT 221, ACCT 222, ACCT 308, ACCT 309, ACCT 322, BUAD 128, and FNCE 315.
-Maintain the cleanliness and security of the room and equipment in both Computer Labs.
This will include (not limited to):
-Maintaining a Log of students who come for tutoring -Maintaining a Log of Students who use Laptops -Recording a Count of Laptops at the start and close of shift -Removing Trash from Tutoring Office and Labs (Large and Small) -Light House keeping -Replacing Ink and Printer Paper as Needed for Printers -Reporting Technical Issues to School of Business Office and/or SAU IT Support -Providing Basic Technical Assistance or contacting Technical Support as needed

Qualifications: Applicant must have taken and passed (with an A or A-) ACCT 221(required), ACCT 222(required), ACCT 308(required), ACCT 309 (preferred), ACCT 322(preferred), BUAD 128 (preferred), and FNCE 315 (strongly preferred).
We are looking for applicants who have the following qualities:
-High Ethical Standard
-Discretion and Confidentiality
-Able to withstand Peer Influence to uphold SB Standards -Professional Dress and Demeanor -Dependable and Punctual -Detailed and Conscientious -Technical Savvy -Strong Customer Service with Patience for teaching others

Hours: The Computer Lab is generally open: Sunday 12 - 8 PM, Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM, and Friday from 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM Noon. Work hours will vary based on student availability. Slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Pay Rate: Commensurate with Class Standing

Office Phone: 423.236.2751
Other: To apply, please forward resume and unofficial transcript to Teshia Price -

Salad Help - Deli

Location/Department: Deli

Description/Duties: Prep veggies for the salad bar, keep salad containers filled, salad bar clean, and whatever the salad supervisor needs done.

Qualifications: A willingness to learn

Hours: Monday's, Wednesday's & Friday's

12 - 2:30 pm

 Tuesday's & Thursday's

10 am – 2 pm or 4 – 8 pm

Pay Rate Varies, email schedule

Contact Name: Amelia Laneville


Office Phone: 423.236.2310

Business/Finance Tutors

Location/Department: Tutoring Center, third floor McKee Library

Description/Duties: We are looking for students who are capable of tutoring at least two of the following courses:
Personal Finance (especially), Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Finance, Accounting I and II

Prepare for and facilitate 1-on-1 or small group tutoring sessions with students.
Must follow all Tutoring Center Policies and diligently fulfill the duties of a peer tutor introduced during initial training.
Must attend additional required training or mandatory meetings.
Must keep an open communication with the Tutor Coordinators and the Tutoring Center Director.

Qualifications: Must be an enrolled Southern student.
Must have completed at least one semester of college level courses.
Must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.
Must have received a B+ or above in the courses to tutor.
Preferably be able to tutor more than one subject.
Excellent communication skills and willing to work with the Tutor Coordinators and a variety of students.

Hours: Flexible, can work with class schedule

Pay Rate: Alternate wage based on class standing, opportunity to raise pay

Office Phone: 423-236-2578
Other: Come by the Tutoring Center for an application, or visit our website: 

Physics Tutors Needed!

Location/Department: Tutoring Center/ third floor library

Description/Duties: We are looking for students who are able to tutor General Physics I.

Prepare for and facilitate 1-on-1 or small group tutoring sessions with students Must follow all Tutoring Center Policies and diligently fulfill the duties of a peer tutor introduced during initial training Must attend additional required training or mandatory meetings Must keep an open communication with the Tutor Coordinators and the Tutoring Center Director

Qualifications: Must be an enrolled Southern student. Must have completed at least one semester of college level courses. Must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0. Must have received a B+ or above in the courses to tutor. Preferably be able to tutor more than one subject. Excellent communication skills and willing to work with the Tutor Coordinators and a variety of students.

Hours: Flexible

Pay Rate: Alternate wage based on class standing, opportunity to raise pay


Office Phone: 423-236-2578

Other: Come by the Tutoring Center to get an application or visit our website:

F18 Tutors

Location/Department: Tutoring Center, third floor library

Description/Duties: We are looking for students who are able to tutor at least two of the following:
Chemistry courses--Gen. Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology courses--Anat & Phys, Genetics, Gen. Microbiology, Gen. Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology Physics courses--Gen. Physics, University Physics, Math courses--Statistics, College Algebra, Precalc Algebra, Precalc Trig, Calculus Business/Finance courses--Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Personal Finance, Principles of Finance, Accounting Nursing courses: Adult I, II, III, Fundamentals, Mental Health, Applied Statistics, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, etc.

Prepare for and facilitate 1-on-1 or small group tutoring sessions with students Must follow all Tutoring Center Policies and diligently fulfill the duties of a peer tutor introduced during initial training Must attend additional required training or mandatory meetings Must keep an open communication with the Tutor Coordinators and the Tutoring Center Director

Qualifications: Must be an enrolled Southern student Must have completed at least one semester of college level courses Must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 Must have received a B+ or above in the courses to tutor Preferably be able to tutor more than one subject Excellent communication skills and willing to work with the Tutor Coordinators and a variety of students

Hours: Flexible
Pay Rate: Alternate wage based on class standing, opportunity to raise pay
Office Phone: 423-236-2578
Other: Come by the Tutoring Center to get an application or visit our website:


Location/Department: Hulsey Wellness/Service Dept

Description/Duties: Clean Classrooms, restrooms

Qualifications: Good work ethic

Hours: 3:30 am - 7:30 am

Pay Rate: TBD

Contact Name: John Muaya


Office Phone: 423-774-8045

Custodian / Janitor - GREAT PAY

Location/Department: Talge

Description/Duties: Clean an assigned area of Talge Hall, may include toilets, showers, sweep & mop floors or stairs, kitchens, laundry rooms, vacuuming, windows, take out trash, etc.

Qualifications: Male (this is the Men's residence hall), available 2 consecutive hours between 9 am and 5 pm every day Monday through Friday, or 4 hrs on Tues/Fri or Mon/Thur. Must be reliable and punctual.
Hours: Flexible. Must work 2 hours a day Monday through Friday between 9am and 5 pm and Four hours every other Sunday beginning at 10 am. Or must work 4 consecutive hours Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday.

Pay Rate: TBD

Contact Name: Carol E Plank
Office Phone: 423-236-2297
Other: stop by the Talge office and pick up an application

Student Worker - Cafeteria

Department: Cafeteria

Hours: Flexible hours to accommodate class schedule.

Pay Rate: $8.00- $9.25

Description:  We are looking for students to fill positions in all departments for the coming school year. We offer a variety of working environments and training in skills sets that can be carried with you in future jobs.

Departments: Cooks, Expediting, Bakery, Cashier, Vending, Dish Room, Prep, Salad, Floors, Dining Room Cleaning, and Stock Room.

Qualifications: On the job training

Contact Name: Sarah Bonet

Contact Phone: 423.236.2767


Village Market Deli

Department: Village Market Deli

Hours: Shifts available from 6:00 am-8:30 pm Pay Rate

Pay Rate: TBD

Description: We have openings in all departments all shifts. Stop by the Deli for an application. I will set up an appointment with you.

Qualifications: No Experience necessary. We will train on the job.

Contact Name: Jerilyn Pewsey

Contact Phone: 423.236.2310


Cleaning / Janitorial


Hours: Now- will work around class schedule, 8am-12 and 1-5


Monday through Thursday

8-10:45, 1-3:45, 5-8pm

Friday 8am-10:45

Pay Rate: Based on SAU student employee pay scale per class standing

Description: Janitorial duties of classroom buildings, Library, Administration building, etc.

Qualifications: Must be able to lift up to 25lbs., walk, go up and down steps, bend over, reach above your head. Must be able to use cleaning chemicals, sweep, mop, vacuum floors and clean bathrooms. Must be self-motivated.

Other: If you will be arriving before Fall semester and would like to work please let me know. Go to your booklist and email me a copy of your class schedule. Its the one with your photo on it.

Contact Name: Bernetta Shockley

Contact Phone: 423.236.2132


Short-term, short-notice work

Description: If you are available for short-term, short-notice work, then Human Resources would like to speak with you.

Periodically, departments on campus have large projects that require extra help, either because the project comes in at the last minute or because it is a busy time of year and they need an extra person. While these projects will not turn into a part-time job, or last long, Human Resources would like to have a list of available workers on hand for the departments to contact. Students who are interested can sign up in Human Resources and be notified via email when a department has a job starting in a day or two and lasting no more than two weeks.

1) Sign up for the email list (and complete required paperwork) in Human Resources.

2) Check your email and respond to opportunities you're interested in/available for/qualified to do.

3) Departments will fill their needs on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4) Jobs will start with little notice and last for no more than two weeks at a time.

This will not be a placement list, so signing up for this service will not find you a regular student job on campus. This is only an opportunity to be available for work here and there, on a very short-term basis. You must be registered for classes at Southern to be on this list.

Contact Info: Stop by Human Resources to sign up

Top 10 Campus Employers

Dining Hall
Jeri Pewsey,

Talge Hall
Lisa Patterson,

Thatcher Hall
Belinda Fisher,

Service Department
Bernetta Shockley,

Hulsey Wellness Center
Darin Bissell,

KR's Place
Kim Armstrong,

Village Market
Dennis Smith,

Landscape Services
Mark Antone,

McKee Library
Carol Harrison,

Plant Services
Kim Sturm,