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Saturday Night Events

Saturday nights are traditionally a time for fun group activities here on campus. Whether you're shopping at the 423 Market, enjoying the cultural nights, or playing in the all--night softball, we strive to be the highlight of your weekend. 

Saturday Night Activities

Upcoming Events


Ignite Event

Cory Asbury will be performing! There will be games, live music and interviews.

Iles PE Center

08:00 PM-


Rees Series Final

Basketball tournament

Iles PE Center

07:00 PM-


Pops Concert

Jazz concert with mostly wind instruments.

Iles PE Center

08:00 PM-


BCU Cultural Night

A cultural night with a show of the BCU culture.

Iles PE Center

08:00 PM-


Sigma Thera Chi Skating Party

Roller Skating Party!

Hamilton Skate Place

11:30 PM-


SA Talent Show

An opportunity where students get to perform and showcase their talents for prize money!

Iles PE Center

09:13 PM-


Asian Cultural Night

A cultural night with a show of Asian culture.

Iles PE Center

09:00 PM-


Games & Free Slushies

Come play games with friends and grab a free slushie!

Bietz Center

09:00 PM-


Gym-Masters Home Show

An annual acrobatic and gymnastic routines show performed by the Gym-Master.

Iles PE Center

09:00 PM-


423 Night Market

An event where students get to sell a variety of arts, crafts, food, and other goods.

On Campus

09:30 PM-


Jazz Ensemble Concert

Wood Ackerman Auditorium

09:00 PM-


School Of Nursing Dedication

Dedication of the graduating nursing students

University Church