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Student Organizations

Southern offers limitless opportunities for getting involved. Thanks to students with good ideas and the drive to get things done, the university hosts approximately 40 student organizations, societies, associations, and ministries — all open to new members with similar interests, skills, or just plain curiosity. If you would like to join any of these student organizations, either stop by the  booths at the Organization Showcase each fall or contact Student Development in the student center to be put in touch with an officer. If you have an idea for a new organization, visit Kari Shultz in the Student Life and Activities office.

Starting a Student Organization

Serving as an officer
Serving as an officer of a student organization not only adds to a student’s leadership experience, but also makes a contribution to the university’s overall social atmosphere. Some of the responsibilities of running a organization include collecting dues, raising funds, organizing social events, submitting forms, and planning community service opportunities.

Running a student organization
Students interested in starting a new organization must complete and submit a registration form along with the organization’s constitution and by-laws by the semester deadline. You can fill out and submit the application online and if you have questions, feel free to stop by the Student Life and Activities office located in the Student Center by KR's. You can also find out more information in the 
Student Organization Handbook

Student Organizations

Adventist Peace Fellowship
The Adventist Peace Fellowship (APF) is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2001 that seeks to raise consciousness about the centrality of peacemaking and social justice to the beliefs and heritage of Adventists. We support public service, activism, advocacy, and scholarship that reflects the radical spirit of many Adventist pioneers. The APF is not officially affiliated, funded, or controlled by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in any way and does not speak on the Church's behalf.  We welcome Adventists and friends of Adventists to join our network and to add their voices and their talents to the work of peace education and advocacy informed by the values of the Adventist tradition.
President: Isabella Eklund

Allied Health
1. To provide students with opportunities for growth in the areas of professional development, social activities, and community service.
2. To share the love of Christ in numerous and various ways and thereby initiate opportunities of spiritual growth.
3. To motivate and encourage each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow Allied Health professionals. 
President: Jack Wheeler

Asian Club
The Asian Club exists as an organization of students whose main objective is to foster an increasing awareness of the diverse Asian heritage represented at Southern Adventist University.  The Asian Club hopes to add to the total collegiate experience by encouraging academic achievement, social/cultural activities, and free exchange of ideas with people of all ethnicities, and most importantly spiritual growth
President: Charles Dugaduga 

Biking Club
1. To be a club that seeks to provide opportunities for students to enjoy road and mountain biking.
2. To provide an option for an extracurricular activity that promotes health to anyone.
3. To educate members on the maintenance and care of bikes.
4. To provide a social support for one another's physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
President: John Hargy 

Biology Club
To allow students with an interest in biology to become better acquainted with each other, to promote better relationships and increased interaction between the biology faculty and the students, to foster a spiritual atmosphere, and increase the visibility of the biological sciences on the campus of SAU and the community around us.
President: Elan Anderson 

Black Christian Union (BCU)
1. To have an organization led by the students of the university that fosters community and welcomes and encourages individuals of all cultures to become members.
2. To share the love of Christ in numerous and various ways.
3. To motivate and encourage each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.
4. To serve Southern's community through music, drama, social activities and educational opportunities.
5. To appreciate and express black cultural backgrounds.
President: Tahkai Martin

Business Society
To get students interested and involved in business.
President: Madison Morgan 

Chemistry Club
The purposes of the Chemistry Club organization, established by this constitution are as follows:
1. To allow students with an interest in chemistry to become better acquainted with each other.
2. To promote better relationships and increased interaction between the chemistry faculty and the students.
3. To foster a spiritual atmosphere among members.
4. To increase the visibility of the chemical sciences on the campus of SAU.
President: Nicole Onciulescu

Communication Club
To organize the journalism and communication department, establish a sense of community among club members, encourage professional growth, and encourage spiritual growth and community outreach.
President: Noah Bynum

Computer Club
The computer club is organized and shall be operated under the general goals of computer science education and advancement. We provide opportunities for students interested in computers to learn and socialize together. 
President: Dakota Cookenmaster

Conservative Alliance for Freedom
To facilitate and spark public interest and dialog on common religious and political topics, with the express purpose of encouraging members and the general public to experience these topics from a conservative Adventist perspective.
President: Hayden Rigsby

Creature Kind SAU
The purpose for Creature Kind of Southern Adventist University, which is established by this constitution, is as follows:
1. To raise awareness and support for compassion to animals.
2. To help students discover the joy of service projects and advocacy work through participating in Creature Kind for Southern Adventist University projects.
President: Osy Garcia 

Education Club
1. To nurture the development of caring persons who emulate the Christ-centered principles of discipleship and service through social activities and community service
2. To provide opportunities to become informed facilitators through providing professional development opportunities
3. To motivate and encourage education majors to become Christian reflective decision makers
4. To foster the dispositions of committed professionals who strive towards excellence
Toward the realization of these goals, this organization and its members pledge their time and energy by the ratification of this document.
President: Garcia Osy

Education Club
To nurture the development of caring persons, to provides opportunities to become informed facilitators, and to motivate Education majors to become Christian decision makers. 
President: Katelynn Webster

Inspiring innovation to meet the needs of our local and global communities through Christ-centered service.
President: Jake Miller

English Club
The purpose of the Southern Adventist University English Club is to increase the literary and cultural awareness of students on our campus and to provide opportunities to attend cultural activities in our surrounding community.
President: Elizabeth Hawthorne

GYC Southeast (GYCSE)
GYC Southeast is a part of a larger grass-roots movement an army of dedicated young people within the Seventh-day Adventist church who yearn to demonstrate Nehemiah's leadership, Daniel's integrity, Mary's humility, Paul's passion for evangelism, and Christ's love for God and humanity. It is the goal of GYCSE and its members to seek out and galvanize such young people. We aim to mobilize existing youth and young adult ministries in the Southern United States that are fully committed to the distinctive message and mission of the Adventist church towards the proclamation of the Three Angels Messages. GYCSE works specifically in the Southern Union.
President: David Glenn

History Club
The purpose of the History Club will be to create an environment of historical interest that facilitates learning and creative thinking. This will be done through:
1. Coordinating regular meetings to discuss things happening in the surrounding area pertaining to history/modern world events.
2. Scheduling trips, if possible, to local historical areas of interest.
3. Taking part in campus wide activities to not only promote the club, but also Southern Adventist University as a whole.
4. Upholding the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine and applying it to the way we look at and understand history.
President: Golda Ruckle

Latin American Club
Provide cultural activities to enrich the students bod with Latin American culture.
President: Byron Montenegro

Music Club
For music lovers to have worship, service, and social events together.
President: Cameron Wilcox 

Middle Eastern Club
The purpose of the organization established by this constitution, for the Middle Eastern Club of Southern Adventist University is to spread knowledge on Middle Eastern countries and their cultures to Southern students, allow Southern students to experience the different cultures of the Middle East and invoke curiosity, and to give Southern students the opportunity to participate in outreach programs that help people from the Middle East.
President:  Marlyn Antwan

Music Club
For music club to have worship, service, and social events 
President: Micah Kontes

Physics and Engineering Club
Promoting and interest in physics and engineering and provide opportunities for people interested in these fields to learn and socialize together.
President: Arian Dovald

Pre-Dent Club
The purpose is to provide Pre-Dental students with information on Dentistry and to aid in their preparation for dental school, applications, testing, education, and maintaining a Christian professional lifestyle. It is also to inform the members about upcoming events in the field of Dentistry. The society shall use the field of Dentistry to serve God by ministry in the community, promoting oral health, and inspiring altruism.
President: Dan Kim

Pre-Med Club
The Pre-Med Club is an organization that aims to help students interested in pursuing a medical career. Along with mentoring students, the organization will provide extracurricular social, mental, and spiritual opportunities and activities to aid the members during their education at SAU.
President: Joshua Kim

The Purpose of the organization established by this Constitution, the Psychology Club, is to promote a spirit of community among members of the School of Education and Psychology as well as branch out to other departments seeing as how it is not a requirement to be a Psychology major or minor.  This club will administer activities that will promote spiritual, social, and intellectual development among the members and those that they come in contact with.  The Psychology Club hopes to give students a chance to get to know their fellow peers in a positive setting.
President: Angie Luna

School of Nursing (SON)
To become active members on campus and in the surrounding Chattanooga community through outreach focused both on helping those in need and displaying the life of Christ through service opportunities.
President: Joelle Chung

We exist to foster a community of divers from all different levels to come together to make connections, share knowledge and experience, grow skills, help protect natural waterscapes, and enjoy participating in the sport of scuba diving.
President: Alyson Zapara

Our purpose is to train and amplify our member's abilities in the areas of teamwork, programming, web design, and cooperation.
President: Dakota Cookenmaster

Social Work Club
The Purpose of the organization established by this Constitution, the Social Work Club, is to promote a spirit of community among members of the School of Social Work and to encourage activities that will promote spiritual, social, and intellectual development among the members and those that they come in contact with.
President: Alyssa Wolf

Society of Political Sciences
To connect students with the resources that will encourage civic, legal, and political engagement in their communities.
President: Nick Decker

Southern Smiths
We, the members of the Southern Smiths, seek to learn the art of blacksmithing. We wish to pursue the preservation of this trade by introducing the opportunity for Southern students, alumni, and community members to experience the ringing of steel and the melding of metal. One of our goals was to have a blacksmithing class taught at Southern. This became a reality during the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years, and we would like to bring it back for academic credit. This would enable the art to further enrich the community. Further, the expansion of forging metal shows us a little of God's character as He re-forges us daily, softening us and shaping us into the people He wants us to be. With God as our master smith, He takes us as we are and forges us into a new creation.
President: Emily Freeman

Southern Striders
1.To be a club that seeks to provide opportunities for students to compete and have fun and doing it while portraying a christian example for others outside of the club. 
2. To provide flexibility to students by having three different times to meet for runs each day so that conflicts between schoolm, work schedule, etc. does not arise.
3. To provide an option for an extracurricular activity that promotes health to anyone
4. To put God first and foremost in every run4. To put God first and foremost in every run
President: Sara Klingbeil 

Student Ministerial Association (SMA)
We, the religion majors, of Southern Adventist University, as the future leaders of our church and as disciples of our Lord, in order to promote personal growth, mutual fellowship and spiritual guidance during our college experience, do hereby establish and organize the following constitution to govern our association.
President: Edvan Benitez

Student Missions (SM) Club
The purpose of the SM Club is to support current student missionaries, empower potential student missionaries, and recharge returned student missionaries. Furthermore, the club will abide by all policies set forth in the Southern Adventist University (SAU) club eligibility criteria.
President: Nathan Moravetz

Table Tennis
The purpose of the Table Tennis Association is to create an environment where club members can practice and ply table tennis, TTA will organize tournaments between club members and events with other institutions.
President: Sam Mora