Student Organizations

Southern offers limitless opportunities for getting involved. Thanks to students with good ideas and the drive to get things done, the university hosts more than 50 student organizations, societies, associations, and ministries — all open to new members with similar interests, skills, or just plain curiosity. If you would like to join any of these student organizations, either stop by the  booths at the Organization Showcase each fall or contact Student Development in the student center to be put in touch with an officer. If you have an idea for a new organization, visit Kari Shultz in the Student Life and Activities office.

Starting a Student Organization

Picture from Asian Club Night

Serving as an officer of a student organization not only adds to a student’s leadership experience, but also makes a contribution to the university’s overall social atmosphere. Some of the responsibilities of running a organization include collecting dues, raising funds, organizing social events, submitting forms, and planning community service opportunities.

Running a Student Organization

BCUStudents interested in starting a new organization must complete and submit a registration form along with the organization’s constitution and by-laws by the semester deadline. You can fill out and submit the application online and if you have questions, feel free to stop by the Student Life and Activities office located in the Student Center by KR's. You can also find out more information in the Student Organization Handbook

Student Organizations

Adventist Peace Fellowship

To bring global issues to campus from an Adventist perspective.
President: Caroline Smith

African Student Union

To celebrate, empower, and educate the school body regarding our African values and culture.
President: Charity Ogoti

Allied Health

To provide students with opportunities for growth in the areas of professional development, social activities, and community service. To share the love of Christ in various ways and thereby provide opportunities of spiritual growth. To motivate and encourage each other in Christ and fellow allied health professions.
President(s): Allison Johnson and Mathilda Nafie

Art Club

To promote artistic activities and spiritual growth by experiencing God through nature.
President(s): Daniah Pergerson and Jonathan Green  

Asian Club

The Asian club exists as an organization of students whose main focus is to foster awareness of the diverse Asian heritage on our campus. The organization hopes to enrich the collegiate experience through the exchange of ideas, academic encouragement, social activities, and spiritual growth.
President: Emily Dee

Biking Club

To provide opportunities for students to enjoy road and mountain biking. To promote health. To educate members on the care and maintenance of bikes and to provide social support for one another's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Biology Club

President: Yeji Kim 

Black Christian Union (BCU) 

To have an organization led by the students of the university that fosters community and welcomes and encourages individuals of all cultures to become members.
President: Janae Cornwall

Business Society

To create an organization where business students can learn outside the classroom through community enrichment activities, social events, and business tours.
President: Cole Williams

Chemistry Club

To allow students with an interest in chemistry to get to know each other; to promote relations between students and chemistry faculty; foster a spiritual atmosphere; to increase visibility of chemical sciences. 
President: Alex Bahn

Communication Club

To organize the journalism and communication department. To establish a sense of community along organization members, encourage professional growth, encourage spiritual growth, and community outreach.
President: Autumn Dunzweiler

Computer Club

The Computer Club is organized and shall be operated under the general goals of computer education and advancement. Its specific objective is to provide opportunities for people interested in computers to learn and socialize together.
President: Dakota Cookenmaster 

Creature Kind SAU

To raise awareness and support for compassion to animals. To help students discover the joy of service projects and advocacy work through participating in creature kind for SAU projects.
President: Chelsea Henry 

Education Club

To nurture the development of caring persons, to provid opportunities to become informed facilitators, and to motivate Education majors to become Christian decision makers.
President: Kabrina Perkins

Empowering Minds

Primarily to foster a sense of belonging on campus and to engage in community service acts focused on spreading awareness and importance of mental health.
President: Nathan D. Martin


Inspire innovation to meet the needs of our local and global community through Christ centered service.
President: Ashley Blake

English Club

Increase the literary and cultural awareness of students on our campus and to provide opportunities to attend cultural activities in our surrounding community.
President: Alexis Jones 

Environmental Club

To encourage students to think about reducing waste and caring for the planet; motivate students to be good stewards of the earth; serve Southern's community through social activities and educational opportunities.
President: Kimberly Kenny-Maclure 

Fly Fishing Club

For a group of young men and women who share the simple, yet unique passion for the outdoors to come together for fly fishing trips and activities.
President: Tate VanEgmond


GYCSE seeks to equip and inspire young people to be Christian ambassadors to their respective places of work and study.
President: Kaili Kimbrow

History Club

To create an environment of historical interest that facilitates learning and creative thinking.
President: Kaleigh Buckner

Jonathan Club

To put a smile on others faces, create a supportive community of friends, and be a friend to others just as Jonathan from the Bible was a friend to David.
President: Jonathan Batchelder

Kayak Club

President: Devin Vaudreuil 

Latin American Club

Provide cultural activities to enrich the student body with Latin American culture.
President: Julio Hernandez 

Long Term Care

To increase awareness of Long-Term Care (LTC) among the student body. A place where LTCA majors become more familiar with the industry, to show LTCA majors that their future occupation is a ministry for Christ.
President: Ulysses R. Aguilar 

Music Club

For music lovers to have worship, service, and social events together.
President: Georgii Zaitsev 

Oceania Islander Club

To welcome and provide an Oceania Islander community for future and present students.
President: Sokopeti Paong

Physics and Engineering Club

The advancement and diffusion of knowledge of physics, the encouragement of interest in physics throughout the academic and local communities, and introduction to the professional community for students. 
President: Indiana Rhodes 

Pre-Dent Club

To provide Pre-Dental students with information on dentistry and aid in their preparation for dental school, applications, testing, educations, while and maintaining a Christian professional lifestyle.
President: Daniel Lee

Pre-Med Club

Help students interested in pursuing a medical career. Along with mentoring students, the organization will provide extracurricular social, mental, and spiritual opportunities and activities to the members during their education.
President: Cheryl Wang 

Pre-Vet Club

To provide an educational foundation/support group for pre-vet students and to inform the student body about animal-related opportunities that allows them to give back to the community.
President: Cassidy Czaykowsky 

PRSSA (Public Relations)

PRSSA is the foremost organization for students interested in public relations and communication. We advocate academic standards for PR education the highest ethical principles and diversity in the profession.
President: Sadie Dixon

Psi Chi

A national honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.
President: Emmalina Pleshka


President: Amanda Reed 

School of Nursing

To become active members on campus and in the surrounding Chattanooga community through outreach focused on helping those in need and displaying the life of Christ through service opportunities.
President: DJ Sommerville


To promote awareness and inclusiveness while working to transform the understanding of challenges individuals with disabilities face.
President: Alysia Wright

Social Work Club

To promote a spirit of community among members of the School of Social Work. Encourage activities that will promote spiritual, social, intellectual development among the members and those that they come in contact with.
President: Claire Ashcraft

Society of Political Sciences

 President: Xavier Snyder

Southern Smiths

We, the members of the Southern Smiths, seek to learn the art of blacksmithing. We wish to pursue the preservation of this trade by introducing the opportunity for students, alumni, and community members to experience the ringing of steel and the welding of metal.
President: Brendan Hayes

Southern Striders

To be a club that seeks to provide opportunities for students to compete and have fun while portraying a Christian example for others outside the club. To provide flexibility to students by having three different times to meet. To promote health and put God first and foremost in every run.
President: Rachel Flerchinger 

Student Ministerial Association (SMA)

To unite, minister to and train school of Religion majors for ministry.
President: Marco Vigil

Spikeball Southern

Create a community while playing spikeball.
President: Jayson Rhea 

Student Missions (SM) Club

The purpose of the SM Club is to support current student missionaries, empower potential student missionaries, and recharge returned student missionaries.
President: Michael Baranda