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Student Organization Application


To become a registered student organization at Southern Adventist University, follow these steps:
  1. Complete this form. The deadlines for both semesters are:
    • September 5, 2022 for continuing and returning organizations
    • September 12, 2022 for new organizations
    • January 16, 2023 for 2nd semester new organizations
  2. Submit an electronic copy for the organization's Constitution and By-Laws to kshultz@southern.edu
  3. If there are any questions, please contact the Director of Student Life & Activities, Kari Shultz. A notice of approval by the Student Activities Committee will be sent to the President and Adviser via e-mail.

Important Dates

  • September 11, 2022 Required Presidents Meeting, Presidential Banquet Room 
  • September 20, 2022  Advisers Meeting, Presidential Banquet Room 
  • September 22, 2022 Required Treasurers Meeting, Presidential Banquet Room
  • January 19, 2023 Required Presidents Meeting, Presidential Banquet Room


Minimum qualifications for holding office in any student organization and university committees are:
  • Be a current student 
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00.
  • Maintain a record of good citizenship
Your signature on the registration form means that your organization agrees to comply with all University policies regarding student organizations. If at any time the organization no longer meets eligibility, it is no longer entitled to the privileges granted to registered student organizations and is obligated to inform the Office of Student Life & Activities. 

The organization should:

  • Be composed of students enrolled at Southern Adventist University 
  • Be related to student life on campus. 
  • Be controlled and directed by students attending Southern Adventist University. At least three student leaders must be listed on this form in addition to an adviser. 
  • Enlist the support of a faculty or staff member to be an adviser who is employed on a full-time basis with the University. 
  • Prepare a Constitution that outlines your organization name, purpose, governance/operating procedures.
  • All dues/funds raised for the organization should be deposited in the University Cashiers office. 
  • Participate in regular community service activities. 
  • Abide by all regulations specified in the Student Organization Handbook.

Section A - Organization Information

  • Organization Name - Full name of the organization 
  • Short name - Must be 10 Characters or Less. This will be used for database management and online searching. 
  • Read all classifications and select the box that appropriately describes the status of the organization. 
  • New Organization (Student Organization has never been registered with the Office of Student Life & Activities)
  • Continuing Organization (Organization was an active Student Organization at the end of Spring 2022)
  • Returning Organization (Organization was NOT an active Student Organization at the end of Spring 2022 but has been registered previously) Please use the exact name of organization on file in the OSLA.
  • Organization Purpose - This concise statement could be published in various locations (i.e. Orientation materials, Southern's website, various student organization listings, etc.).
  • Organization Type - Of the eight categories by which student organizations can be classified in the OSLA database and other publications, please select the ONE category that best describes your organization.
    • Academic/Educational - Serve to meet the academic and educational needs of students
    • Ethnic/Cultural - Focus on ethnic cultural, and diversity issues, and meet the needs of minority or under-represented students
    • Honor/Recognition - Serve as honoraries or recognize significant academic service and/or leadership
    • Recreational/Sports - Serve the recreational needs of students
    • Religious/Spiritual - Focus on meeting the spiritual needs of students
    • Service - Provide opportunities for student involvement in community service and service-learning
    • Social - Meet the needs of students in social settings
    • Special Interest - Meet the needs of students varied interests
  • Organization Makeup - Check the box that represents the primary type of students in the organization
  • Membership Requirements - List any requirements for membership eligibility
  • Number of Members - Indicate the number of signed-up members by the categories provided.
  • Typical Activities - List the types of activities that your organization will be sponsoring or providing for the members
Section B - Meeting Information
  • Enter the time and place for the organization's meetings. For example, in Date and Time, enter "Every other Thursday at 7p."
Section C- Membership Fees
  • Indicate the amount of dues to be paid and whether they are semester or yearly dues. All funds raised for the organization should be deposited in the University Cashiers office.
Section D- Fundraising Programs/Activities
List the type(s) of fundraising programs or activities the organization plans to participate in during the year.
  • All minor fundraising activities (car washes, bake sales, etc.) must be approved by the Student Activities Committee
  • All major fundraising requests (off-campus tours or trips, etc.) must be taken to the Fundraising Committee through the Advancement office.
Section E- Community Service Component
Each organization is expected to become active in the community through volunteer activities. List activities that your organization will become involved in as an organization throughout the year. (Examples might include food clothing drives, visiting nursing homes, yard work, etc.)

Section F - Officer and Contact Information
The President's information is a way for the Office of Student Life & Activities to communicate with the organization. This information will be available on the OSLA website and on hard copy lists produced by the OSLA. The President's information may be shared with university officials to facilitate communication with student organizations. All students and advisers listed on this form will be entered into a database in the OSLA. Much of the communication provided by the OSLA will be conducted via email; thus it is imperative that student organization leaders check their Southern email account on a regular and continuing basis. List two phone numbers where student leaders may be reached.

Section A - Organizational Information

Organization Type: (select only one)
Organizational Makeup
Number of Members
Section B - Meeting Information
Section C - Membership Fees
Section D - Fundraising Program/Activities
Section E - Community Service Component
Section F - Officer and Contact Information. Complete and include ALL contact information (First & Last name / Phone # / Email address)
My electronic signature indicates that I will inform others in the organization about University Policies affecting us and will assure that we comply with policies found in the Student Organization Handbook. Our organization complies with University rules prohibiting unlawful discrimination and we will maintain all other eligibility requirements for registration. I understand that the Office of Student Life and Activities will check my academic record for the prior semester and cumulative grade point average along with the academic records of the other potential student leaders on this registration form.

The information presented within this application is complete and accurate. The above-named student organization agrees to comply with the University Nondiscrimination Policy, Hazing and Other Irregular Activities Policy, Standards of Behavior Policy, and all other policies governing student organizations and related activities as published by Southern Adventist University.