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The CTE-BFFL is available to consult with faculty regarding general as well as specific teaching strategies and issues. Our staff have experience teaching in higher education and expertise in a variety of teaching and learning issues and are able to provide an objective and informed perspective to assist in the ongoing process of creating learning environments that are engaging for students and enjoyable for professors.
This is truly a consulting service, and the process itself will be directed by the faculty member rather than by the consultant. The faculty member will be asked to consider what specifically he or she wants to accomplish through the consultation and will be encouraged to bring evidence of his or her teaching practice, including but not limited to: 
Classroom visits by one of the CTE-BFFL staff can be arranged. Because self-reflection is an important ingredient for improvement, the faculty member will be encouraged to evaluate the class session, and the consultant will evaluate the range of teaching behaviors demonstrated in the class session. These may include:

The consultant will make recommendations in some of these areas and suggest that faculty members reflect on the consultation by writing their own list of ideas and actions for improvement. 

Confidentiality statement: All CTE-BFFL consultations are voluntary, confidential, and formative. Any reports, plans, recommendations, or other information generated by a consultation are given only to the faculty member who requested the service. Faculty members are welcome to use that documentation in any way they deem appropriate (e.g. as an addition to their teaching portfolios, as part of their annual reports, etc.). 

To set up a consultation, contact Cynthia Gettys (cgettys@southern.edu).