Shared Storage Space

Storage space on the network is provided for all students and employees.  We encourage use of the network drives for storing your campus related data. It gives you the ability to move among computers on campus and still have access to your files. The following explains the various stores and how to access them.

Personal Storage (mapped to h: in labs and w: on employee networks)

This 100 Megabytes space is for personal use of students and employees.  Anything placed in the /personal_website folder will be available on the public Internet at 

Employee Personal Storage (mapped to h: on employee networks)

This storage is for for documents that are related to university business that only you need access to. Please do not use this space for backup of your entire computer or personal files.  Documents stored on this drive are backed up daily for 30-days.

Employee Department Storage (mapped to i: on employee networks)

This storage is accessible by all permanent employees within a specific department.  It is for university business related documents that need to be shared among your department.

Employee Shared Storage (mapped to j: on employee networks)

This drive is accessibly by all employees. If you need to share a large file with someone that is not in your department, you can put it here and let them know. This drive is cleaned up from time-to-time and should not be used for permanent data.

For instructions on how to map these network drives on your computer, follow the instructions on our IT Helpdesk Knowledge Base.

Mapping Network Drives in Windows
Mapping Network Drives MacOS

In addition to this, every department or committee can get a private SharePoint team site that will allow you to store minutes or other documents and has a place for announcements, calendar, web pages, etc.  To request a team site, or if you have questions about storing files on the network, contact us at