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Message from the President

Thank you for working together with me to put Southern’s best foot forward and for following the guidelines set out in this new Visual Identity Standards manual. It is my desire that Southern Adventist University look unified and strong in all its messages.

In this age of competition for students, dollars, and donors, the reality is that universities need to speak in a clear and consistent voice to avoid confusion. Because it takes multiple impressions to make an impact in a cluttered marketplace, consistent visual imagery is of strategic importance. By practicing the discipline to be coordinated and integrated, we provide the public with familiarity, strength, and a unified image.

The university retained LandreyMorrow to assist our campus professionals in developing this clear vision. Many thanks to the Visual Identity Advisory Group, as well as those in Marketing and University Relations, who helped create these new guidelines. The Visual Identity Advisory Group will continue to counsel me in the future. 

Any messages (including ads, direct mail, invitations, web pages, signage, newsletters, or booths) designed for our publics or funded by the university, its departments, or its donors, should be reviewed by the Marketing and University Relations professionals before being released to the public. Just as we care about the quality of our academic programs, we care about the quality of our visual messages. My desire is that our materials mirror the excellence of our academic programs in best practices and consistency, befitting our reputation as a premier Seventh-day Adventist university.

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           David Smith