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Thailand - Ekamai International School

Ekamai International School offers Christ-centered quality global academic programs. We endeavor to create an internationally competent learning climate marked by God’s presence and love, respecting uniqueness and diversity, care and development of potentials and abilities.

Ekamai International School (EIS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Christian school (from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12) founded and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Mission in Thailand. It was first established in 1946 as a church school at Phyathai Road and moved to its present location in 1957. Although EIS mainly serves the Thai community, 33 countries are represented in the student body and English is used as the medium of instruction. The majority of its students comes from different religious backgrounds but the parents are supportive of the religious studies and activities that the school organizes. The school considers its strong point to be its emphasis on good conduct, character development and teachers' concern for students. As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian International School, EIS places great emphasis on the role of spiritual values in the personal lives of its students.

More Info
  • Average Fundraising Goal: Prices may vary. ~$3,100. See student missions office
  • Timeline: The school year starts in August and ends in June with a two-week break in December, one week in April, and one month in July. Teachers are generally required to come for the entire school year (two semesters) but there may be some flexibility in June which could be arranged in advance with the Principal.
  • Location: Bangkok, is the capital of the Land of Smiles and the school is located in the busy streets of Sukhumvit area. Despite of its location, there are a lot of missionary works within the city. Most foreign teachers love going to the slums, orphanages, and visit SDA churches within the city. During long weekends, teachers would visit beaches and beautiful islands around the country. Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: The teachers hired for the positions will receive a monthly remuneration and benefits based on the denomination policy upon the approval of the School Board. The school has an apartment for single teachers with 24-hour security and internet. It has a bed, refrigerator, A/C, and stove for cooking. The teacher is responsible to pay 5,000 baht monthly rent plus the electricity and water bills.
  • Language: English. Thai is extremely useful.
  • Food: Teacher may cook his or her own food but an option of buying food in the school cafeteria and snack bar are  available during school days. Convenience stores are also available just outside the campus.
  • Internet Access: There is WiFi available on campus and in volunteer apartments. You may also choose to purchase a phone chip for communication purposes.
  • Requirements: Education graduates who are native English speakers interested in staying at least 2 years are given the first priority. Fresh graduates are also welcome. In order to teach in Thailand, a non-B visa is required to apply for a work permit which will be arranged by the school.
Position Info
  • Teacher - Highschool, elementary, and kindergarten positions


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Ekamai International School

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Interested in Thailand?

Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.