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Chuuk, Federal States of Micronesia - Chuuk SDA School

Provide a quality education in an Adventist atmosphere to students from Pre-K to 10th grade.

At Chuuk SDA, SMs serve as teachers ranging from Pre-K to 10th grade and/or maintenance workers. Pre-K to 5th grade teachers spend the whole school day with their students and teach them every subject. 6th-10th grade teachers teach one or more subjects and the kids rotate classrooms. You will more often than not teach more than one subject. Maintenance workers are involved in many aspects of maintenance and grounds work. Volunteers live on campus and are expected to help with chapels and church services.

More Info
  • Average Fundraising Goal: ~$3,400. Prices may vary. See Student Missions Office.
  • Timeline: Full year or semester options. School starts in August and end late May. SMs generally go home on June 1.
  • Location: Chuuk SDA is on the island of Chuuk state. Chuuk is a state in the country of the Federated States of Micronesia. It is a very small island and you can see the ocean from almost anywhere you go. Most of the civilization is on the coast of the island as it gets too mountainous to move inward. The roads are rough and it takes about 20 minutes to get to town. The apartments for volunteers are right next to the most famous resort here. They let student missionaries walk around and go snorkeling there. Some of the most amazing scuba diving in the world is here because of the sunken Japanese ships and planes from WWII. Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: Volunteers live in apartments on campus. There are about 5 people per apartment. You will most likely have a roommate. There is pretty good wifi, running water, and plenty of fans. It depends how your apartment does things, but essentially you are in charge of making your own meals. There are beds with mattresses, but you should bring your own pillow and sheets.  Student missionaries (SMs) from Southern live with the other SMs from other schools, including the student missionaries from the Philippines.
  • Language: English and Chuukese. But they all know English. (Except maybe the little ones)
  • Food: Student missionaries are in charge of feeding themselves, but there is a stipend given to buy groceries. There are about 5 different stores you can go to in order to find the best deals. The food can be more expensive, especially for the American foods. Foods here are processed and usually unhealthy. You can make it as healthy as you can, but for example, it’s hard to find wheat bread, they only sell white bread. We eat a lot of rice. There are a few restaurants that you can go to once in a while.
  • Requirements: Visa upon arrival
Position Info
  • Teacher: Any teacher from pre-K to 5th teaches all subjects to that class. From 6th to 10th you teach by subject. There is an English, Social Studies, Music, Reading, P.E., Bible, Algebra, Science, and Geometry position for the upper grades. This includes lesson planning and grading. SMs are expected to give worships every once in a while, and watch detention on Fridays. There are textbooks to base your lesson planning on, but there often aren’t enough for each student, and the students are not allowed to take their textbooks home.
  • Maintenance: Assist the other maintenance and grounds personnel as needed,possibly including agricultural and mechanical work, and undertake extra-curricular activities and supervisory duties as administration may assign. By precept and example seek to uphold Christ as a Friend and Lord and endeavor to lead students to a similar understanding. Maintain and assist with entry of any records as needed or as prescribed by the administration. Maintain proper control of the students’ behavior in the classroom, school grounds, and premises in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in the Handbook. Maintain neatness and cleanliness in the school plant, vehicles and grounds; support a positive learning environment; be responsible to assist with janitorial work in and around the school plant and undertake supervisory duties at lunch hour, and at other times in rotation with other teachers. Attend regular staff meetings as scheduled and other required meetings and events even after school; join in‐service sessions and workshops in order to maintain or increase level of skills. Undertake any other duties and responsibilities considered as part of normal load; work in harmony with school programs and activities outlined in the Staff Handbook/Bulletin, and other directives set forth by the Board and administration. Regularly attend weekend services and assist in church programs according to talents and abilities. (Sabbath School classes for all ages that need leaders and assistants, Pathfinder club, youth meetings during the week, door-to-door and prison ministries.) The ministries that can be joined in are extensive and many more could be led by you!


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Ashlyn ('19-'20) near one of the residences
Overview of campus
Scuba diving is a huge attraction on the island
'19-'20 Student missionaries

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Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.