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Egypt - Nile Union Academy

Provide an English education (NAD standards) and leadership abilities. Also, providing mentorship and exposure to different cultures.

Nile Union Academy is a boarding school starting at Grade 8 through Grade 12. There are two dormitories and a church on campus, along with several on campus homes for the teachers. All the meals are served at the cafeteria on campus, but there is a market right outside the compound to buy other foods to keep in the fridge. During the week the students either have class in the morning or afternoon and work in the other time. On Saturday nights there is "Social" where everyone goes and plays sports.

More Info:
  • Average Fundraising Goal: May vary. ~$3,100 for one year. See student missions office.
  • Timeline: Full year and semester options available. School year starts in mid-August and goes until late May or early June.
  • Location: Cairo, Egypt Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: Decent housing. All homes have air conditioning. It does get cold in the winter and some of the homes had a heater, but blankets are a must. There is a small on-campus gym, basketball court, soccer field, and volleyball court.
  • Language: Arabic and English (all students/staff speak pretty good English).
  • Food: Rice, bread, beans, vegetables (there are tons of markets everywhere to buy fruit, vegetables for yourself) There is also a koshary restaurant,that sells koshary (staple Egyptian meal), chicken pasta, and a few other things. Other nearby restaurants include a crepe restaurant and a sandwich shop.
  • Requirements: Major-Education is preferred but not required.
Position Info:
  • General responsibilities - being cooperative and understanding with all colleagues at Nile Union Academy, participate in training and staff meetings, after class and weekend supervision of students, being sensitive to and abiding by the cultural norms, participating in student and staff worships, SS, church, and other spiritual focus opportunities, ever keeping in mind – WWJD, what would Jesus do? And “other” duties as assigned throughout the year.
  • Teacher - Responsibilities: shared class management and teaching in a high school setting. Teaching Positions: Music, Math, English, History, PE, Preschool.
  • Assistant Girls' or Boys' Dean - Ensure that the dormitory is running efficiently and effectively in a Christ-like manner. Attend to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs of the students each and everyday.
  • Assistant Chaplain - Assist the head chaplain in meeting the spiritual needs of our students. Teach one or more classes in Bible.
  • Maintenance Worker -  Assist the NUA maintenance supervisor in maintaining and repair of masonry buildings, plumbing, heating and electrical systems in a safe manner. Direct student workers to assist you in a safe manner to perform various maintenance procedures.
  • Accountant - Oversee financial recordings of school. Including: journaling, collecting receivables, managing cash & expenditures.


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Irrigation for farms near the academy
Academy students
Driving the moto-truck
On-campus soccer field
Standard building in Cairo

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