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To give you a little bit of history about the farm, several years ago a group of students started a small garden on campus. As these students graduated and moved on, they were unable to find someone to take over the responsibilities of gardening, and so the land laid dormant for several years. Around 2011/2012, Mindi Wiygul started a new major/minor on Campus called Global Policy and Service Studies. One of the classes required for the major in Sustainable Agriculture. Students learn about agriculture in the U.S. as well as how to implement the sustainable methods learned. The class takes place two days a week throughout the semester. One day is lecture based and the other day is hands on, working to produce crops for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), local restaurants, and area farmer’s markets.

Today, we have several student workers who help keep the farm running smoothly while learning how to run a farm for a four-season production.  These workers learn how to start seeds, transplant, cultivate and finally harvest the produce.

Thatcher Farm also runs a CSA program. Our season, this year will be May–June and July–August. Each section costs $160. Payment will be accepted in full for either the first or second sections or if you are interested in doing both sections. This summer you can expect to find tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, summer and winter squash, garlic, rosemary, okra, green beans, and more in your boxes. If you would like to sign up, please send me an email.

All proceeds from produce sales go right back to the farm to help fund seed and equipment purchases. We have a weekly email list where you can sign up and be emailed what produce is available from the farm. Please see my email address at the bottom of this paragraph. You can also find our produce at area farmer’s markets such as The Chattanooga Market at the First TN Pavilion downtown, Erlanger Market at the Hospital Downtown and Erlanger East by Gunbarrel, Signal Mtn Farmer’s Mkt. If you are interested on learning more about Thatcher farm or donating to help with expenses, such as student labor, please contact Seth Shaffer at 236-2792 or sshaffer@southern.edu