Chaplain's Office

Campus Ministries Team 2018-2019:

Campus Ministries Staff Photo 2018- 2019 

Welcome to one of the most exciting spiritual times of your life!

The university years—filled with so many opportunities to grow closer to God—are a time to build a friendship with Jesus, a time to dig into Scripture, a time to ask challenging questions of your faith, and a time for bold action.

Experimenting with a variety of ministry and service opportunities can form a spiritual foundation for a lifetime of service. I warn you that our vision in Campus Ministries is a dangerous one, and that there is nothing more daring, nor exhilarating in this life than letting go and following Him.

Campus Ministries is the primary vehicle through which the spiritual needs of the student body of Southern Adventist University are addressed. Led by Chaplain Anna Bennett, the staff and students of the Campus Ministry team serve as instruments through which the love of Christ can operate at Southern.