Humanitarian Engagement

About Our Program:

Our main purpose is providing service opportunities within a student's passions and skills. God has a specific calling for each one of us, and our program offers opportunities to serve within that calling.  We provide opportunities to serve across the street and across the world through our local service projects and our vision trips.

We also train students on how to lead their own vision trip so that they are equipped to take their passion for missions and provide a service opportunity for their local church or school.

Get Engaged: 

Students: We are looking for students willing to answer the question, "Where is God calling me to serve?"  It is our prayer that students would take their passions for helping people, their academic learning, and find ways to serve and learn from our partner organizations locally and globally.

Faculty/Staff: Please consider sponsoring a vision trip and/or local service project. While your job as a sponsor is to monitor the project, safety, etc., the best sponsors are those who see this experience as an opportunity to mentor students. Sign up for local service at 

Community Professionals: We are recruiting professionals to show our students what it could look like to serve in a professional capacity. That's where you come in! Show our students what they could do as a missionary engineer, business professional, computer programmer, biologist, musician, nurse, doctor, etc.    


Southern students, faculty, and staff apply for a vision trip here.