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The power of overflow

Students often feel overwhelmed navigating major transitions in college. This student mentorship initiative connects students with volunteer university faculty and staff, as well as local church members, in a one-on-one mentorship experience walking alongside students to develop their faith so that they may pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

Why is it called Overflow? We believe it is only possible to truly minister well when we are operating from the abundance of our personal, intimate relationship with God. As Jesus, the Living Water, fills us up to overflowing and our overflow naturally spills into the lives of the students we are journeying with weekly, we pray lives will be spiritually transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Why Overflow?

    Experience a deeper walk with God and become a resilient disciple with vibrant faith and purpose.

  • How does it work?

    With the guidance of your mentor, experience the thrill of journeying with Jesus daily.

  • What is required?

    Students who uphold their commitment meeting weekly with their mentor are exempt from enrichment credit requirements for the semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who have met their enrichment credit requirements from the previous year and are found in good standing by Student Development.

  • Meet weekly with your mentor for one semester.
  • Set personalized goals for personal worship, corporate worship, vocational calling, and service and missions.
  • With the guidance of your mentor, set out to meet your personalized goals throughout the course of the semester.
  • Complete exit survey at the close of the semester to inform us as to how we can enhance this ministry initiative.

Throughout the semester, as mentors assist students in creating and pursuing specific goals pertaining to their walk with God - personal worship, corporate worship, vocational calling, and service and outreach – students will be encouraged to take greater ownership of their spiritual walk. As mentors follow a biblical model of discipleship and merge into the life of a student with intentionality, students will be invited to explore the four levels of discipleship more fully:

  • Commitment to Christ – connecting with Christ through spiritual disciplines
  • Commitment to the Body of Christ – connecting with the body of Christ through fellowship and worship
  • Commitment to Ministry – serving Christ by exercising one’s spiritual gifts and witnessing styles within their vocational calling and daily lifestyle
  • Commitment to Discipleship – mentoring and discipling others for Christ

Additionally, as mentors and students share life together and explore how the foundation of spirituality impacts every aspect of life, students will gain someone in their life, other than family, who they can go to for advice on personal issues, questions on faith, and professional life beyond their university experience.

Students engaged in Overflow will be exempt from Enrichment Credit requirements for their semester of involvement. Additionally, students who complete a full semester of engaging in Overflow will have their mentoring experience added to their co-curricular transcript. This document showcases students’ leadership and volunteerism for prospective employers and graduate schools.

Overflow is the first program to use the process of "enrichment credit exemption" and we want to be as clear as possible. 

  • This is an examption for enrichment credits not a source of credits.
    • Half way through the semester, successful participants in the Overflow program will receive 50% exemption from their enrichment credit requirements.
    • e.g. If you are required to have 40 credits, after the 50% exemption, your new requirement will be 20 credits.
  • Enrichment credits exemption occures 2 times through the semester totaling to 100% exemption from enrichment credit requirements.
    • 50% the week after mid-term break
    • 50% at the end of the semester

Students must be Sophomore status or higher to engage in the mentorship initiative as well as have approval from Student Development confirming their successful completion of Attendance Expectations and “good and regular standing” socially, meaning that a student must have met the required enrichment credit minimum as a Freshmen in order to be eligible to join Overflow.

Your formal mentorship will end after one semester. You are under no obligation or expectation to continue the relationship. As a mentee, you may request ongoing mentorship with your current mentor at the end of each semester. Remember however, that your mentor is also under no obligation or expectation to continue the relationship.

  • Every student would experience a deeper walk with God.
  • Every student would experience belonging in faith community.
  • Every student would have someone in their life, other than family, they can go to for encouragement and direction.
  • Every student would experience reduced stress and increased resilience as a result of their mentorship relationship.
  • Every mentor would experience a richer discipleship journey.
  • Every mentor would experience greater satisfaction in their work and ministry on campus.
  • Our campus would experience greater spiritual vitality as a result of this mentoring and discipling.

Students participating in Overflow learn new skills that help them to experience God personally and intimately. To provide quantitative data about Overflow, we ask each incoming student to complete a survey to self-assess their current experience with God coming into the program. As a part of the mentorship experience, students will be prompted to formulate specific goals relating to their individual walk with God in areas such as personal worship, corporate worship, vocational calling, as well as service and outreach. Once the mentorship experience has drawn to a close, they will self-assess their progress achieved during the semester.

Young student sits across the table from a mentor.Find a Mentor

With guidance from a spiritual mentor, set personal goals in areas such as personal worship, corporate worship, vocational calling, as well as service and outreach. Become a resilient disciple and experiencing belonging in a mentoring relationship that could change your life.

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Being an Overflow mentor doesn’t require a significant time commitment and you can make a real difference for a student who desires a deeper walk with God. Overflow mentors are committed to meeting their student weekly for a minimum of 30 minutes for one semester.

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