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Stephanie Holtry

As providence would have it, there were two men outside the business on the right side so I started with them and moved forward. At the flooring business I spoke with the manager whose wife was homeschooling their children. He was interested in the children's books and the adult message books. As he was looking at the books, he made the comment, "My colleague would benefit by this cookbook. She needs it but she is not scheduled to come in until noon" (it was around 11 a.m. at the time). In the middle of my canvass, customers came into the business and pulled Jim from looking at the books. Meanwhile, Rachel, his colleague (who was not scheduled to be there yet) arrived and began looking at the books. She shared with me that she had just been diagnosed with melanoma and was sorting through all the details related to her treatment. She was interested in the cookbook. After all customers left, I reviewed the books with Jim and Rachel. When Jim realized Rachel was not able to get the cookbook, he added it to his six-book set (now a seven-book set). At the end, we prayed together and asked that God would give Rachel just what she needed to navigate the news of her diagnosis.

Natalia Nino

As I was walking away to wait for my van to pick me up, I heard a voice call out to me. I turned a little apprehensively and saw a young woman coming towards me. At this point I didn't really want to talk to anyone; I just wanted to leave. However, what happened next assured me of God's never ending love for me. The young women called out and said, "Are you a colporteur." After telling her I was she then told me that she had been a canvasser as well and offered to pray for me. I was so shocked that I am not even sure I heard her whole prayer, but it was at that moment that I realized that God was always watching over me. I just felt His love and encouragement sweeping over me through this young women's prayer. I was reminded that this work was not about me, it was about God. He got rejected many more times than I ever will, so the least I can do is get kicked out of a Walmart parking lot for spreading His word. I hope to one day met the young woman that prayed for me that day and thank her for taking the time to encourage a discouraged canvasser. That evening I had asked God for a divine appointment and He gave me one just when I needed it the most.

Tierra Washington

When we got out of the van, a lady was rushing around outside. We greeted her, and she quickly invited us in. “You talk, I’ll listen,” she said. She was frying cooking, but she listened to the cookbook canvass. Next, all Marrina did was say the title of “In Search of Peace,” and the lady broke down in tears. She shared how her house had been destroyed by a tornado, she was getting a divorce, and her job was draining to a sensitive person like herself.

Next book: “History of Freedom.” Again,  Amy dissolved in tears and explained how she felt trapped in her house, her marriage, and all she wanted was freedom. She expressed that people had once died for their faith, and now, where was the passion?

Then, “Your Questions, God’s Answers.” She had so many questions, she said, and people in the church tended to judge her for not already knowing the answers or thought she was doubting the Bible.

“They Call Him Jesus” and “Fighting Disease with Food” were the same reaction. Every book brought a fresh outburst of tears, and every book was exactly what she needed. Amy was sharing Bible verses and quotes back to us. She was interested in health meetings, revival meetings, and Bible studies. She was also interested in us, asking us questions, squeezing our hands in prayer and hugging us. Amy knew we had not come to her by accident and said so. She was just so busy, and people always wanted something from her; they drained her. But when she saw us, there was something that told her, “Hear them out.” And we had given her something she was desperately searching for.

More than an hour later, when we left her house, we left with her contact information so she could get the rest of the book she wanted, and Bible Studies. I left with a newfound belief in the power of this ministry, having seen the reality of a hungry soul. “That’s who we’re looking for,” Marrina said. “The souls who are ripe and ready.”