Section 3: Response A

Incorrect. The correct answer in this situation is "B"– Not to release this information to his father. The father does not have a legitimate educational interest in Sam’s record since the request is not related to his professional responsibilities as a faculty member. His request is related more to his role as a father. Releasing the information would be in violation of FERPA.

Let's review the other responses:

The recommended response is "B"– Inform the father that you cannot release any non-directory information regarding Sam because his request is not based on a legitimate educational interest under FERPA.

All university employees should have a legitimate educational interest for requesting student information. The adviser needs to get written permission from Sam or document Sam’s dependent status to his father through Records and Advisement before releasing the requested information. If the son is enrolled in the Partners In Education (PIE) program, then the request for information must be made to the University Academic Assistance Office in the University College.

Keep in mind that this individual is a customer of the university. You can always refer the individual to your supervisor or to the Director of Records when in doubt or unsure of how to provide further assistance.

Response "C"– Releasing the information would be in violation of FERPA.

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