University Vehicles


The purpose of this policy is to promote safety, protect assets, and reduce the frequency of accidents on and off campus. This policy provides guidelines for employees needing to operate university-owned vehicles and equipment as part of their job function. Age requirements vary depending on vehicle and equipment assignment.

Age requirements are as follows:

  • Employees must be 18 or older to drive a university-owned vehicle.
  • Employees must be 21 or older to drive a university-owned vehicle off campus.
  • Employees operating mowing equipment, scissor lifts, forklifts, and skid-steers must be at least 18 with  completion of training and certification where applicable. Employees must be 21 or older in order to operate any other heavy equipment.

The following conditions are considered to be a misuse of university vehicles:

  • Driving a university vehicle without prior authorization.
  • Permitting someone to drive a university vehicle without prior authorization.
  • Engaging in unsafe practices, including failure to use and to ensure that all passengers use all available safety equipment in the vehicle or equipment being operated. Safety equipment includes seat belts, lanyards, harnesses, and back-up alarms.

All drivers must be properly licensed and comply with all Federal and state laws for the class of vehicle being operated. CDL Drivers are to make arrangements with Transportation. Drivers must have a valid U.S. driver’s license. 

For an employee to drive a university-owned vehicle or drive on the university’s behalf, they must supply a completed Drivers’ Questionnaire to Risk Management. After a review of the employee’s Driving Record, Risk Management will determine if the employee is allowed to drive. In order to qualify, employees may not have more than two traffic citations and no at-fault accidents during the previous three years. Any exceptions may only be made by approval of Administration.

Employees with an acceptable driving record are added to the Approved Driver List after completing a driver safety online course. Driving Record changes should be reported to Risk Management. Driving Records will be obtained and reviewed on a regular basis.

Drivers are responsible for any citations for which they are at-fault. Accidents should be reported as soon as possible to Risk Management. Do not leave the scene of an accident until declared to do so by law enforcement. Southern does not cover damage to personal vehicles used for company business.

For information about renting university vehicles, visit Transportation Services.

Driver's Questionnaire  now through Transportation Services

In the event of an accident involving a university vehicle:

  • Call Campus Safety at 423.236.2100.
  • Report the incident to Risk Management at 423.236.2266.