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Throughout your Student Missions experience you have likely had a variety of joys, challenges, and everything in between. While we will walk with you and begin unpacking these experiences together, you may need find addition, specialized support helpful.

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You may feel overwhelmed as you navigate major transitions coming back to campus. Campus chaplains are eager to walk alongside you, listen to your experience, pray with you, and support your spiritual journey.

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While others may not easily understand your unique experience right away, connecting with peers can help with your transition. With six different types of LifeGroups to choose from, engage in a variety of activities and build lasting friendships

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You've grown accustomed to living a self-less lifestyle during your Student Missions experience. That doesn't have to end. Discover your purpose in local service opportunities and make a lasting difference.

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It's okay to ask for help

This transition is hard. You're not alone. Our Student Missions team is eager to walk alongside you with experienced understanding and empathy.