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Welcome to Risk Management

Risk Management strives to minimize the adverse effects of loss due to accidents or other unforeseen events that may be inflicted upon the physical and human assets of Southern Adventist University. We provide financial protection and support services to all departments, faculty, staff, and students, reducing risk where possible.




UNDERGRADUATES: Student Insurance

New and Transfer Students

Please submit your health insurance information to Risk Management for the 2014-15 school year. You can access the form from the main page under "Student."




Please make sure to submit a Student Insurance Information Form at the beginning of each school year and update it if your health insurance changes. This can now be done online and without having to provide a copy of your insurance card! You may be automatically charged for the school's student health insurance plan if we do not receive this information. The student health insurance charge cannot be refunded after Midterm Break. Graduate students and students taking only online classes are exempt from the student insurance requirements. You can download the form from the main page under "Student."
Human Resources is now managing many employee benefits that were formerly handled by Risk Management.