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Job shadowing consists of a student pairing with a professional in his or her workplace, observing daily activities of a career role that interests the student. During a job shadow experience, students follow the employee being shadowed through his or her workday. Students observe the duties of the job, the culture of the company as a whole, and ask lots of questions about their career path and industry. Informational meetings are typically about an hour in length and held in the professional’s place of work so they can introduce students to others in the workplace, but it could be over lunch or coffee in a public setting. During this time, the students facilitate the conversation by asking questions of the professional that will assist in bringing career realities and career goals into focus.

Employers get an opportunity to learn about a potential employer as well as to provide feedback on learning objectives that could be improved. Think about job shadowing as a daylong interview with a potential candidate while contributing to his or her professional experience.

If you are interested in giving back in this way, send us an email at business@southern.edu.