Scholarly Articles Made Simple

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Seventh-day Adventist theologians have written many articles about topics related to Creation and the worldwide Flood. Although many people would be interested in the content of the articles, only few would be willing to read dozens of pages from a scholarly journal. These narrated article summaries make it easy to benefit from what Adventist scholars have learned about the “days” in Genesis, the extent of the worldwide Flood, the age of life on Earth, and other topics.

John Baldwin

"Revelation 14:7, An Angel's Worldview"

Frank Hasel
"Ellen G. White and Creationism: How to Deal with Her Statements on Creation and Evolution"

Gerhard Hasel
"Genesis 5 and 11: Chronogenealogies in the Biblical History of Beginnings"
"The Meaning of the Chronogenealogies of Genesis 5 and 11"
"The 'Days' of Creation in Genesis: Literal 'Days' or Figurative 'Periods/Epochs' of Time?"
"The Biblical View of the Extent of the Flood"

Richard Davidson
"The Biblical Account of Origins"
"The Biblical Evidence for the Universality of the Genesis Flood."