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Regulations and Eligiblity

Participants are required to have a Southern Adventist University ID card prior to participation. Each participant will be required to submit his or her ID card to the game manager before playing in any contest. Each participant is responsible for his or her eligibility status. Team captains must confirm the eligibility or suspension of players on their roster. The intramural director does not assume responsibility for checking eligibility of participants unless specifically requested to do so by a team captain.

Athlete's Responsibility Code:
  • Play with honesty and integrity.
  • Cooperate with your teammates.
  • Play the game for the game’s sake and leave the game on the field or court when finished.
  • Respect and adjust to the judgment and calls of the officials.
  • Be thankful that you have the health and well-being necessary to participate in sports and athletics.
  • Show appreciation for the talents of teammates and opponents.
  • Strive to play in a manner that will not bring injury to yourself or any other person.
  • Never, never, never give up.
  • Always congratulate your opponents.
General Eligibility:
The following criteria will be used to determine the eligibility status for those wishing to participate in intramurals:
  • Be enrolled as an undergraduate student for at least six credit hours at Southern and hold a valid student ID card.
  • Be enrolled as a graduate student for at least three credit hours at Southern and hold a valid student ID card.
  • Be the spouse of someone enrolled as described above. If the student is completing the final semester of his or her degree, the minimum credit hours will be waived.
  • Be employed or the spouse of someone employed as a full-time faculty or staff member of Southern.
  • Be employed or the spouse of someone employed as a full-time employee of the ministerial staff of the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists.
  • Individuals who do not meet these requirements but still wish to participate will need to submit a petition to the intramural director. The form used to file the petition can be obtained from the intramural director.
Additional Eligibility Requirements:
Once a person has participated for a particular team in a particular sport, he or she becomes a permanent member of that team throughout that sport season, including the post-season tournament. He or she cannot change teams after establishing playing eligibility for a team (playing in one game). This holds true even if the player has been officially deleted after an initial participation.

A player who is ejected from a contest for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the remainder of the current game and the following game. In addition, the suspended player must arrange a conference with the intramural director before becoming eligible to resume participation. Players who are suspended twice in a season will be ineligible for the remainder of the season and post season. Depending on the severity of the unsportsmanlike conduct, the player may be deemed ineligible for future sports participation.

Eligible players may be added to teams after the season starts until the halfway point in the season. Once the next contest begins, no more players may be added to a team roster.

Penalty for Eligibility Infractions:
An automatic loss (AL) will be imposed on any team playing an ineligible or illegal player, and the team may not be eligible for post-season play. The ineligible or illegal player will be suspended from further participation in that sport.

NOTE: Any information listed here concerning disciplinary action that can be taken by the intramural director is intended as a guideline for the intramural program. The director reserves the right to assess a penalty other than listed if, in his or her opinion, the circumstances warrant such action.

For more information, contact Troy Walker at 423.236.2458 or twalker@southern.edu.