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Life On Purpose

Familia Feliz | Children's Home in Bolivia

Hear from a student missionary about how her life has changed through the kids around her.

Darcee Christensen Portrait

Darcee Christensen

Homeschool Teacher, Zambia

"The first time we gathered to pray here at Riverside was really special. Although it did initially feel a little awkward as we were figuring out the dynamics of group prayer, by the end everyone expressed how powerful the experience had been for them. Our hearts were filled. I was touched as Zach shared that half way through he opened his eyes and felt surprised that there were still only five people because the room felt so full."

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Joe Mixon with kids

Joe Mixon

High School Teacher, Palau

"Additionally, our boys volleyball team won their first game the other day! It was super hype and I’m proud of the boys for their overall effort to do well this season."

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Michel's Portrait

Aimé Michel Irumva

Multiple Languages Teacher, Mexico

"I am certain that each and everyone one of us will get to a point that will force us on our knees. It may come in different forms but at the end of the day we will have something that will weigh us down... It has taken a while, but I have finally realized that a new coat of paint won’t make the stain go away, but the right pair of hands will always be there to help you scrub it off."

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Picture of Kd

Kd Schreiner

Nurse, Papua New Guinea

"Ruth got the honor of actually pulling it. Although I don't know if she saw it as an honor at the time. Most of the nail was completely detached, but there was one bit that was still very fleshy and hanging on! After quite a bit of tug-o-war, Ruth won and off came my nail. Praise the Lord the nerve block worked through out the procedure!"

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We've been sending SMs for a long time. So, why do we keep doing this after more than 50 years of missions? This video highlights one of the most compelling reasons why we never give up.

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