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Life On Purpose

Hong Kong Adventist College

Hear from two student missionaries about what life is like as an SM at Hong Kong Adventist College.

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Katie-Jane Emde

House Parent, Bolivia

A week before I left, Maribel was eating and randomly said, “La luz va a ir, ¿no ve, Teacher?” (“The light is going to leave, right Teacher?”) “Como?” (“How?”) “Cuando usted va a salir.” (“When you leave.”) “Como?” “La luz se apareció y se apagó de nuevo.” (“The light appeared and then went out again.”)

The light appeared and then went out again.

Same, girl. This year, a light appeared in my life

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Treson Thompson

House Parent, Bolivia

"This is a part of life here: kids come and then they leave. It feels like I barely had time to meet them and now they’re gone forever. They go back to situations they shouldn’t be in. They get too old to live here. Their parents get better jobs that they can now support their families with. You get a single moment and then you have the rest of your life to hope it made a difference. "

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Sierra Anderson

House Parent, Bolivia

"God knew what He was doing when He sent the 10 of us student missionaries on a crazy journey to Bolivia. We are all so different and would never have chosen to become friends on our own. But, God new we needed a team with different skills. We all found our niches at Familia Feliz and never had a dull moment!"

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Kareena Hansen

Akuna Soap Assistant, Zambia

"The evenings as a student missionary are always busy, but it’s in the little moments where I find so much joy. At least 2 to 3 times a week I go to an expat house. My favorite times, are when I am the only SM. Don’t get me wrong I love when everyone is there, but when it’s just you, you can almost pretend you are a part of the family."

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