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Delicious vegetarian foods for a healthy lifestyle

Southern's four on-campus eateries are open to the public and offer a tasty variety of nutritious, completely vegetarian foods.

If SAU is closed for inclement weather check here for Food Service hours

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Meal Plan

You can select a meal plan or add funds to your current meal plan by logging in at

Payment Options for Guests

Campus eateries are open to the public and accept cash and major
credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

Guests preferring to pay ahead for Sabbath meals in the Dining Hall
may purchase debit cards at the Campus Card Desk [+] during
regular business hours (before noon on Friday). Call 423.236.2777
or email Judy Robertson.
(An average meal in the Dining Hall costs about $7.50. This price is based
on 1 entree, 1 vegetable, small salad, dessert and drink.)

Allergy Notice:
Our food may contain
trace elements of Dairy,
Nuts, Gluten, Wheat,
Onions or Soy.
If you have any
questions, please ask
our Chefs.

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