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Student Housing

Welcome to your home away from home. Southern offers many student housing options including three residence halls and several university apartment communities. We have a home waiting for you and we'd love to show you around!
Talge Hall
For studying or just hanging out, Talge Hall is the place for guys to be guys.

Amenities include
  • Gym
  • Recreation room
  • Lounge/kitchen

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Thatcher Hall and Thatcher South
Looking for a listening ear or a quiet place for some solitude? You can find this in Thatcher Hall and Thatcher South, the women's residence halls.

Amenities include
  • Television/game room
  • Gym
  • Lounges with kitchenettes

Campus Apartments
Upperclassmen and married students can merge the benefits of independent and campus life in Southern's campus apartments.

Graduate, Family, and 24+ Housing Options

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Southern's faculty, staff, alumni, and volunteers are ready to help you move into the residence halls at registration. This gives you an excellent chance to become acquainted with them. So if you cringe at the thought of moving all of those suitcases or you just can't handle a hand truck, that's okay, We-Haul.

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