Student Life


Students head to convocation

Each Thursday, at 11 a.m., the student body gathers for Convocation. This is your chance to hear renowned speakers share perspectives and thoughts from their life experiences. Past speakers include Steven Ford, son of former President Gerald Ford; Alina Fernández, daughter of Fidel Castro; former NBA player A.C. Green; and Dana Scott Bollwerk, sister of Columbine shooting victim Rachel Scott.

You may also opt for some evening Convocation programs with cultural events ranging from student performances to international artists.


University Health Center serves students with basic medical care.

Your mother may not be able to be at your side on a bad day, but you won't have to struggle through minor illnesses on your own. Just up the street from your apartment or room, University Health Center nurse practitioners work under the supervision of a campus physician to attend to any of the following:

  • minor illnesses
  • minor injuries
  • immunizations
  • physical exams
  • short-term treatment for diseases
  • lab tests
  • workers' comp
  • allergy injections


Southern’s campus has five eating options with a variety of tasty menu items.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall The buzz of voices and laughter (and sometimes even singing) fill the Dining Hall during meals. Here, you can get a tasty vegetarian or vegan meal while hanging out with friends. (Don’t be surprised if even President Dave Smith joins you for lunch one day.)

KR’s Place
With comfy chairs and computer stations, this laid-back sandwich shop located at the heart of campus is a great place to relax with friends and maybe get a little homework done on the side.

Village Market
In addition to the grocery and health food items you’ll find here, this store offers a deli and hot bar. Stop by for a warm lunch while doing a little shopping to stock your refrigerator.

Students hang out at KR's place

The Kayak
Located in the new Hulsey Wellness Center, this snack shop offers a wide range of healthy options to complement your daily workouts. Kayak’s natural fruit smoothies are a big hit with students and staff.


Most of Southern’s students juggle employment with classes as a way of helping finance their education while getting real-world experience. More than 1,100 Southern students are employed right here on campus. Jobs available include janitorial 

Work opportunities are all over campus.and food service, computer lab monitors, office assistants, and even graphic designer and photographer. You can get more information about campus employment on the Human Resources website.

Campus Safety

Southern’s Campus Safety officers don’t take safety for granted. They are prepared for the unexpected with certification from the National Incident Management System and are ready to alert you of safety issues through a high-tech emergency notification system. In addition, Campus Safety officers are also happy to help you with everyday accommodations. Don’t want to walk to your car alone in the dark? Call Campus Safety. Need a jump-start for your car battery? You know who to call. Missing that textbook you need for class? Check their lost and found. Beyond that, our Campus Safety officers are always looking for ways they can help improve your personal safety, whether it’s through education, campus improvements, or the implementation of new technology. You can also view our annual fire and safety report.