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Grants and Scholarships

You may qualify for more scholarships than you think. Incoming freshmen will be eligible to FULLY renew certain scholarships for up to four years if they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA. That makes investing in the Southern experience more affordable than ever.

Renewable Scholarships for Freshmen

So you have a respectable GPA and a solid ACT/SAT test score? Great! You’re eligible for the Renewable Academic Scholarship.

Freshman Criteria

If you’ve graduated from high school within the past nine months, or taken no more than 10 semester hours of college credit, and will be taking a full-time load (12 or more hours), this scholarship will automatically be awarded once transcripts and test scores are received. The Renewable Academic Scholarship renews at 100 percent each year if you maintain a 2.0 GPA and full-time student status. 

  • Step 1: Multiply your high school GPA* by 1,000 
  • Step 2: Multiply your ACT** test score by 100
  • Step 3: Add all points from Step 1 and 2
Points Scholarship  4 Year Total Awarded Per Year
4,800 - 5,700 Honors $8,000 $2,000
5,701 - 6,600 Dean $16,000 $4,000
6,601 - 7,300 Presidential $24,000 $6,000
7,301 and higher 50% Tuition Over
50% Tuition
for 12-16
Credit hours

*GPA is capped at a 4.0. 
**Superscoring is used for the Renewable Academic Scholarship. Call the Admissions office at 1.800.SOUTHERN for help converting an SAT score to an ACT Score for calculating this scholarship.

Full Tuition Scholarship Criteria

Incoming first-time in college students can qualify for a full tuition scholarship by meeting one of the following high school GPA and ACT composite score combinations. The test score composite must be from a single test date (not superscored).

  GPA Range   Minimum 
  ACT Composite  
   SAT-R Total   
  4.000+     33 1450
  3.900 - 3.999   34 1490
  3.800 - 3.899   35 1530
  3.700 - 3.799   36 1570

Scholarship     Awarded Per Year     4 Year Total 
Full Tuition Full-Tuition for
12-16 Credit hours
Over $95,000   

The Full Tuition Scholarship amount includes full tuition plus the general fee. Lab fees are not covered by this scholarship.

The Full Tuition Scholarship renews at 100 percent each year if you maintain a 2.0 GPA and full-time student status. 

Call the Admissions office at 1.800.SOUTHERN for help converting an SAT score to an ACT Score for calculating this scholarship.

If your state of residence is in the Southern Union of Seventh-day Adventists and you would lose your state scholarship by choosing to attend Southern, you may qualify for $12,000 over four years (awarded $3,000 per year). The home address on your undergraduate application will be used to determine your state of residence. Students who receive employer tuition assistance through their parents employer are not eligible for this scholarship. 

Incoming freshmen will be eligible to renew this scholarship for up to four years if they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and full-time student status.

Did you graduate from a public high school, home school, or private high school not run by an Adventist organization? If you attended for two or more years, you may qualify for an $8,000 freshman bridge scholarship (awarded $2,000 over four years) provided to encourage giving Adventist education a try.

Incoming freshmen will be eligible to renew this scholarship for up to four years if they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and full-time student status.

Option 1: High School Leadership Scholarship

The High School Leadership Scholarship is for seniors at an Adventist Academy who held an elected leadership position. No application is required for the High School Leadership Scholarship. Each Adventist academy can nominate up to 9 individuals for this scholarship. 

Position 4 Year Total Awarded Per Year
Senior Class President $6,000 $1,500
Student Association President  $6,000 $1,500
All Other Positions $4,000 $1,000

Option 2: Church Leadership Scholarship

The Church Leadership Scholarship is for students who provide a service to your church for a minimum average of two times per month, during the past 12 months prior to submitting the scholarship application. For example, serve as a leader in children’s programming, assist with media production, be involved in the church’s outreach programs, or participate in a Pathfinders TLT program.

Individuals eligible for the Church leadership Scholarship will receive $4,000 over four years (awarded $1,000 per year). A scholarship application is required.

Application Process 
In order to be considered for a Church Leadership Scholarship. To apply, login to your Application Status Page. An applicant must submit a leadership application listing the following information:

  • Positions/Roles held  
  • Responsibilities for each position/role 
  • Contact name, phone, and email for verification of the position/role 


  • A priority deadline for submitting the Church Leadership Scholarship is February 1. 
  • A limited number of Church Leadership scholarships are available. Awarding will continue until the application deadline or whenever the maximum number of recipients are selected, whichever occurs first.

Notifications and Selection Process

  • Notifications to individuals selected for the scholarship will begin on November 1 and will continue on a monthly basis.
  • It is highly recommended that you submit the FAFSA application. While the scholarship does not require financial need, it will be considered as part of the selection process.

Incoming freshmen will be eligible to renew their Leadership Scholarship for up to four years if they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and full-time student status.

Note: Students can only receive one type of leadership scholarship. 

Taking the PSAT test your junior year of high school is the first step for entering the National Merit Program. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation notifies students qualifying as semi-finalists or PSAT commended scholars. The list is also sent to United States colleges and universities.

Scholarships for students qualifying as semi-finalists and for PSAT commended scholar placement are determined based on the Renewable Academic Scholarship criteria.

The semi-finalist may advance to finalist status by taking the SAT during the senior year and by meeting other requirements outlined by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

If you’re a National Merit Finalist or accepted in the National Hispanic Recognition Program (Hispanic students) you’ll receive a full-tuition scholarship for four years if you maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Other Scholarships

Each year, performance scholarships are awarded by Gym-Masters, Engage Worship, and the School of Music (for the orchestra, wind symphony, and choirs). Some performance scholarships are by audition only. The scholarships may be renewable each year you’re in college as long as you continue participating in the performing group. For more information, call the School of Music at 423.236.2880 or the Gym-Masters director at 423.236.2673.

If you choose to serve as a student missionary or task force worker for an academic year, you will qualify for a $1,500 scholarship upon returning to Southern. For more information, call the Chaplain's Office at 423.236.2787.

Spend your summer working in ministry, either as a literature evangelist or at an Adventist conference-sponsored summer camp, and you’ll be rewarded with a scholarship when you return to Southern.

Literature Evangelism Scholarship

Summer earnings are matched 50 percent, with a scholarship cap of $2,000. Earnings must be applied to your account before the scholarship is applied. 

Summer Camp Scholarship

You will receive $175 per full week worked, with a scholarship cap of $2,100. (Your camp director must submit the number of weeks worked to Student Finance.)

At the end of each summer, Southern will contact your employing organization to verify that you met your contractual obligations. If you participate in multiple summer ministries, you’re eligible to receive only one of the summer ministry scholarships—whichever is larger.

  • The Three-Way Scholarship is available for students currently enrolled more than six credit hours at Southern Adventist University.
    • Students enrolled in six to eleven credits in a semester will receive a maximum of $125 scholarship match by Southern for that semester.
    • Students enrolled in less than six credits are not eligible.

  • The maximum scholarship match by Southern will be $500 per student per year, awarded at a maximum of $250 per semester, and will be applied only after the local church and conference funds have been received in full.

  • Students receiving educational subsidy from a Seventh-Day Adventist institution are not eligible for these matching funds.

  • Students receiving a full tuition scholarship will have their academic scholarship reduced dollar for dollar by any Southern Three-Way Scholarship award.
  • This scholarship match is available to any undergraduate student seeking their first associate or bachelor’s degree, including international students.
  • The conferences will receive funds from the churches and remit a combined scholarship total to Southern.
  • Georgia Cumberland Conference does not participate in this scholarship program. 
You can download the scholarship application - Apply here

The Transfer Academic Scholarship is awarded to students who have earned more than 10 hours of college credit and will be taking a full-time load (12 or more undergraduate hours) through the duration of the scholarship. This scholarship is based on a combination of the student’s ACT* score and cumulative college GPA. GPA is capped at a 4.0. This scholarship will automatically be awarded once all college transcripts and test scores are received.

Step 1: Multiply your cumulative college GPA by 1,000
Step 2: Multiply your ACT* test score by 100
Step 3: Add all points from Step 1 and 2

4,800-5,700 Bronze  $2,000
5,701-6,600 Silver $4,000
6,601 & higher Gold $6,000

* Transfer students who do not have an ACT score can qualify for a scholarship based on their cumulative GPA only. The GPA is capped at a 4.0.  

3.00-3.39 Bronze  $1,000
3.40-3.79 Silver $2,000
3.80 & higher Gold $3,000

Transfer students can receive this scholarship each year by maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0. The cumulative GPA is determined after the first semester at Southern and then yearly after the fall semester. Southern does not round up numbers for this scholarship.

Southern Adventist University is blessed with a growing endowment fund created by donors interested in helping students like you achieve your educational goals.

Eligibility for scholarships from the Southern endowment fund is determined by filling out the FAFSA, which uses a nationally recognized formula to determine a family's financial need. The Student Finance Office will automatically award this scholarship and contact you if you are eligible. 

Are you an academically motivated student who wants to take your college experience to the next level through rigorous course work? Consider enrolling in the Southern Scholars Honors Program. Students who participate in Southern Scholars are eligible for scholarships of $1,500, $2,500 and $3,500 during their 2nd, 3rd and 4th years respectively. 

You may qualify for scholarships from national and community organizations like the YMCA and Rotary Club, from your parent's employers, or even from your local church. Check out resources in your hometown by contacting the public library, the local Chamber of Commerce, and your pastor. You can also view our list of private scholarship site informationand online at www.finaid.org. There are several searchable databases of more than 180,000 private scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans.


  • Southern Adventist University scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are depleted.
  • Scholarships are divided and distributed equally over the fall and winter semesters and are not applicable for summer sessions.
  • Scholarships and awards cannot exceed costs for tuition (for 12 to 16 hours), general fees, room rent, and a capped amount for books and food. Outside grants and subsidies are applied before Southern scholarships and awards. In addition, full tuition scholarships (freshman renewable academic and National Merit) combined with other Southern scholarships will not exceed the cost for tuition (12-16 hours) and the general fee only, and cannot be applied towards lab fee.
  • Scholarships listed here are available for full-time students taking 12 or more hours each semester at Southern's Collegedale campus.
  • Southern reserves the right to change or amend any of the scholarship policies at any time. Our full financial aid policy can be found in our online catalog.