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Why Nursing?

Southern has long been recognized as a leader in nursing education.

  • The School of Nursing offers the following degree programs: AS, RN to BS, BSN, RN to MSN, MSN, BS to DNP, and DNP all of which are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN). 
  • Southern Adventist University is excited to offer a new four-year, pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)!
  • Admission to the nursing program is competitive with high academic standards. While the program is intense, students are encouraged to be involved in campus activities.
  • Students in the articulated AS/BS program can sit for the RN licensure exam after completing the embedded AS degree at the end of their third year of study, which equips them to work as RNs.

  • Students are encouraged to work on pre-nursing program classes at Southern as freshmen. Qualified Southern students are given first priority.
  • Programs provide clear expectations to students with caring professors who work with students to facilitate successful learning.

Interesting Facts

Students in Action

  • Practical labs and real-life learning at local hospitals and clinics as well as peer tutoring are an integral part of the program.
  • The Nursing Club offers spiritual, social, and service activities, such as health expo at housing projects.
  • An elective Mission class prepares students to serve in developing countries.
  • International mission trips are coordinated by Southern to offer medical assistance in countries such as Haiti, Brazil and Nicaragua. 
  • Meet the Firms and health career fairs give students opportunities to interact with prospective employers.
  • The School of Nursing has a local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International:  Rho Iota.

Marks of Distinction

  • Florida Hospital Hall includes well equipped classrooms, high-tech skills and assessment labs, Sim labs with high-fidelity simulators, and a 68-computer station Learning Resource Center.
  • Computer testing is administered to prepare graduates for the RN licensure exam (NCLEX) or nurse practitioner certification exams.
  • Our Christian philosophy, friendly environment, recognized leadership in nursing education, qualified faculty, well-equipped skills lab, and the Assisting Students to Achieve Professionally (ASAP) program provide academic excellence.
  • Nursing students have opportunities for hands-on learning in the state-of-the-art skills and simulation lab. Students practice assessment on human patient simulators with life-like clinical functions.

Statistics to Note

  • Graduates of the MSN and DNP programs have a job placement rate of 89%
  • Undergraduate student job placement is 95%


  • Holly Gadd, PhDHolly Gadd, PhDProfessor and Dean
  • Frances Johnson, DNPFrances Johnson, DNPAssociate Dean, Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Kerry Allen, MSNKerry Allen, MSNAssociate Professor, Undergraduate Clinical Coordinator
  • Nicholas Beaumonte, MSNNicholas Beaumonte, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Jill Buchholz, DNPJill Buchholz, DNPAssociate Professor, DNP Program Coordinator
  • Ronda Christman, PhDRonda Christman, PhDAssociate Professor
  • Judy Dedeker, DNPJudy Dedeker, DNPAssociate Professor, MSN Program Coordinator
  • Jennifer Fisher, MSNJennifer Fisher, MSNGraduate Clinical Coordinator
  • Marla ErskineMarla ErskineAssistant Professor
  • Pamela Gammenthaler, MSNPamela Gammenthaler, MSNAssociate Professor, AS and co-BSN Coordinator
  • LaShawn Horton, PhDLaShawn Horton, PhDAssociate Professor
  • Cynthia Johnson, MSNCynthia Johnson, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Antonio LazcanoAntonio LazcanoAssociate Professor
  • Sylvia Mayer, MSSylvia Mayer, MSAssociate Professor, Director of Nursing Admissions and Progressions
  • Christine Moniyung, PhDChristine Moniyung, PhDProfessor
  • Linda Peoples, PhDLinda Peoples, PhDLRC Supervisor
  • Beckie Retzer, MSNBeckie Retzer, MSNAssistant Professor
  • Andrew RichardsAndrew RichardsAssociate Professor
  • Cindy Rima, DNPCindy Rima, DNPAssociate Professor
  • Beth Scott, PhDBeth Scott, PhDProfessor
  • Christy Showalter, MSNChristy Showalter, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Christina Shrode, MSNChristina Shrode, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Lilly Tryon, DNPLilly Tryon, DNPAssociate Professor
  • Maria Inez Valenca, MDMaria Inez Valenca, MDProfessor
  • Holly Walker, MSNHolly Walker, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Joelle Wolf, MSNJoelle Wolf, MSNAssociate Professor, BS and co-BSN Program Coordinator
  • Sonia Wrate, MSNSonia Wrate, MSNAssociate Professor, Simulation Coordinator
  • Bonnie Hunt, MSNBonnie Hunt, MSNAssociate Professor Emerita, Director of A.S.A.P.
  • Lorella Howard, MSNLorella Howard, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Dana Krause, MSNDana Krause, MSNAssociate Professor
  • Beth Snyder, MSBeth Snyder, MSAssociate Professor, Nutrition
  • Jenifer AndersonJenifer AndersonFaculty Support Secretary
  • Conni CashConni CashOffice Manager
  • Linda LechlerLinda LechlerLRC Supervisor
  • Victoria Otrich-EatonVictoria Otrich-EatonLRC Supervisor
  • Ruth SaundersRuth SaundersLearning Resource Center Coordinator
  • Jamie ThompsonJamie ThompsonGraduate Enrollment Counselor

Most of the professors
have worked in the nursing field.
They make the subject come alive.  Anne BourgisSophomore

Anne Bourgis - Sophmore


Classrooms and Labs

Florida Hospital Hall contains:

  • skills labs
  • simulation labs
  • assessment labs
  • learning resource center
  • distance-learning classroom for online students
  • high-tech classrooms

Careers in Nursing

  • A nursing career offers the highest number of job opportunities in healthcare.
  • Starting pay for an RN in the Chattanooga area is approximately $20 an hour.
  • Nursing jobs provide flexibility in scheduling and a variety in work opportunities.
  • Local and national recruiters inform students of job opportunities through campus visits and job fairs. 

Contact the School of Nursing

Sylvia Mayer, Director of Admissions and Progresssions