Configure Inbox Rules

This page contains instructions for creating inbox folders and rules for the new Exchange user interface. 

Instructions for creating an Inbox Rule to move a message to a folder

Instructions for creating a new folder (optional)

  • Login to On the left panel containing your email and folders, right-click your email address and select "Create new folder."


  • A blank field should appear at the bottom of your email folders with a blinking cursor. Type in the desired folder name.


  • You can move emails manually between folders by clicking and dragging or selecting "Move."

Instructions for creating inbox rules:

  • To automatically move messages to this folder, click the gear in the top-right of the screen and select "Options" in the drop-down menu.


  • On the left side of the screen, find "Mail" -> "Automatic processing" -> "Inbox and sweep rules." If you do not see "Automatic processing" under "Mail," click the triangle to the left of "Mail," and a drop-down menu should appear.
  • If "Automatic processing" does not appear, click the triangle next to "Automatic processing" to expand the menu options.

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  • The right-hand pane should populate with a screen similar to what you see in the image below. Click the plus sign in the top left of this pane. 

reply 4

  • A pop-up window should appear reading "New inbox rule." Under "Name," add a name for your rule, in this case, "Move to My New Folder." Then select a condition for your rule to be set. This can be done by clicking the drop-down box under "When the message arrives..." Navigate in the drop-down to "It was sent or received" -> "Received from..." and select it. A blue hyperlink should appear next to the drop-down box reading "Select people" Click this link.

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  • This should bring you to a new window. Near the top of this window, there is a text field to the right of the words "It was received from..." Click this field to select it if it is not already selected. Begin typing the email address of the person you want to filter to your new folder. Click "Save."


  • Next, in the "Do all of the following" field, click the drop-down and navigate to "Move, copy, or delete" -> "Move the message to folder..." and select it. A blue link reading "Select folder" should appear to the right of the drop-down. Click it.

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  • A pop-up window should appear, select your new folder, in this case "My New Folder" is selected. Click "OK."

reply 6

  • Your rule is now complete. Click "OK." Now, all email that are received from the email you specified earlier will be automatically filed into your new folder. 

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Instructions for blocking an email address

  • Select the email that you received from the address you wish to block. 

Delete Rule Step 1

  • Right-click the email and select Create rule. 

Delete Rule Stepe 2 

  • Remove the last two conditions by clicking the "x" on the left side of each condition.

Delete Rule Step 3

  • Click the drop-down menu for "Do all of the following" and select Move, copy, or delete.

Delete Rule Step 4

  • Select Delete the message.

Delete Rule Step 5

  • Click OK.

Delete Rule Step 6

  • Note: The email you selected will not be deleted after setting the rule. Only future emails from the blocked recipient will be deleted.