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1. Reporting Services will display all folders/departments that you have access to.

2. Double click one of the folders and double click a report you wish to run.

 Note: To return to the main page, click on "Home" on the top left of the screen.


1. Once you have selected a report, the report may ask for some parameters.

2. You can either type those in, or choose from a drop-down by clicking the icon to the right of the textbox.

3. Click the "View Report" button on the right side of the page to generate the report (It may take some time to generate the report).

Note: If viewing the report in the browser, there may be more than one page to the report so keep an eye on the page number navigation.

Exporting a Report

1. Click the "Export" button.

2. Select which file format in which you wish to save the report. (Note: CSV is the preferred format for Excel)
3. The report will be saved in the same location that your browser saves files.

Extra Features

Searching the report - If you are looking for a specific person or element in a report, reporting services has a built-in search function.

1. Type the phrase you wish to search for in the textbox.

2. Click "Find."

3. The results should be highlighted within the report.