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Trips and drivers are confirmed ONLY after we receive your itinerary. Itineraries must be submitted at least one week prior to departure. A fee of $150 is charged for late submissions. For help with completing the itinerary form, please call us at 423.236.2716.

Submit the itinerary PDF by downloading it and filling it out on your computer, then save the file and email it to OR you may print it out and fax it to 423.236.1716.

Download itinerary PDF ยป

Cancellation Fee

For cancellations fewer than 12 hours before departure, the daily fee and driver charges apply.

Bus Driver Fees

Bus driver fee is $15 per hour for up to five hours. The fee for more than five hours is $150 per day. Accommodations for driver, road fees, and tolls are the responsibility of the group. An overnight fee applies for trips that run into the hours between 1-5 a.m. 

Prices are effective through May 2018. Buses are not available for personal rental.

Bus Reservation Form

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