Welcome to the World of English!

If you choose to major in English at Southern Adventist University, our department will provide you an exciting opportunity to develop your reading and writing skills in ways you never thought possible. We will ask you to think along with gifted authors who have faced some of life's greatest questions. We will guide you in learning how to express your own insights in the finest way possible.

Even more surprisingly, we will encourage you to compare and contrast what you read in works of classic literature with what you read in your Bible. The purpose? To solidify your walk with God through an intense examination of intellectual and spiritual issues addressed not only by human authors but by the Word of God as well. You will read the Bible more intelligently, becoming aware of the greatness of divine literature. We don't want you to graduate from our program with an undue regard for human talent or intellect. Instead, we want you to graduate rooted and founded in eternal truth.   

The Big Question

You, your parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, friends—even your smart Uncle Jim—probably have completely wrong ideas about a major in English. When you profess an interest in English, you may hear discouraging words and predictions of future regret and unemployment. Let us assure you of one thing: these folks are wrong. Do you have a burning desire to become a physician or lawyer? A CEO? The mayor of your home town? Despite what you have heard, the English major will prepare you for any of these goals. 

So when you hear the question, "What will you do with an English major?" your answer can be a forceful "anything I want to." A major in English will prepare you perfectly for many of your dreams; in fact, majoring in English may give you an advantage!   

Many people don't realize how desperate the world is for people with exceptional communication skills, broad liberal arts knowledge, awareness of how people and societies operate, and the ability to analyze. These skills are a top priority in business. After graduating with a degree in English, you can easily increase your skill set to encompass particular training that may be necessary in any future employment. By the way, nobody really knows what those technical skills will be in the next ten years! But with an English major, you will be ready to learn and absorb. You will have a great educational foundation.

Areas of Specialization in the English Major

Besides using English as a general preparation for many areas of work, you may select emphases that will prepare you for specific career paths: Teaching English as a Second Language, Literature, Professional Writing, and Secondary Teaching. To explore English specialties, select from the menu at the top right of this page. There you will find the course requirements and career information for the specializations.

Our Promise to You

We in the English Department will not only educate you to your full potential, but we will also guide and help you in launching your career. All of our graduates in the last ten years are now in careers of their choice. One of our 2018 graduates recently accepted a position in sales. She had specialized in Professional Writing. We are proud of her choice! We are quite sure that she will go on to great success in this potentially high-paying field. Sales is a vital part of American business; it doesn't matter if you are Black or White, tall or short, skinny or not skinny—bringing in buyers is what corporate America wants! And you don't need a degree in sales to become a master in the art of persuasion. English is in many respects concerned fundamentally with the art of persuasion. Let us show you how!

Contact Information

The English Department is located on the third floor of Brock Hall on the campus of Southern Adventist University.

Keely Tary, Department Chair
Email: ktary@southern.edu
Phone: 423.236.2736

Lisa Bilbrey Hyder, Office Manager
Email: lisahyder@southern.edu
Phone: 423.236.2381

Mailing Address:
English Department
Southern Adventist University
P. O. Box 370
Collegedale, TN 37315