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Tutoring Center FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Most tutoring takes place in the Tutoring Center, located on the third floor of the library. When the Tutoring Center is closed, tutoring may take place at any public location on campus. If you are unsure of the meeting location of your session, please contact your tutor.

All tutoring appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance to give the tutor sufficient time to prepare for the session.

If you miss an appointment, you will be marked as a no show. Please communicate in advance with your tutor if you need to change an appointment. If you miss three appointments, your account will be disabled and you will be unable to schedule any more appointments until you speak with either the Tutoring Center director or the Tutoring Center office manager. 

The tutoring center provides tutoring for a majority of lower division courses and some upper division courses. For a list of current courses, visit our online scheduler and click the 'Choose course' drop-down menu.

Tutoring is free for all Southern students. We ask that tutees arrive on time and actively communicate with all the Tutoring Center staff. Furthermore, students are expected to have gone over the material during their own time, attempted the assignment, and attended class. Tutoring is NOT a replacement for class lectures and is meant to supplement study efforts.

Yes, we offer Zoom tutoring appointments for students. When creating an appointment, choose the Zoom appointment option. 

Tutoring is only provided for Southern students. 

Occasionally, tutors will provide group study sessions or test reviews before major tests. This should be discussed with the tutor on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, the Tutoring Center provides tutoring in academic success skills. Students can meet privately with a specially trained tutor to discuss ways that they can improve their learning methods, time management skills, and test-taking skills.

Upon a student's request, a report will be sent to the course professor. This is requested when the student schedules an appointment. The Tutoring Center takes confidentiality seriously; thus, while reports can be available to professors, all records of visits are kept confidential by the staff.

A kind word to a tutor about their efforts will really brighten the tutor's day. Although it is not required, filling out the anonymous survey provides the department with information regarding the sessions. All positive feedback is shared with the tutors during their performance reviews.

Yes, the Tutoring Center employs ACT tutors. We provide practice tests that can help students that are trying to improve their scores or take the ACT for the first time.