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Domestic Science & Cookery Collection

Domestic Science and Cookery Collection

The Domestic Science and Cookery Collection houses rare books on household management, etiquette, nutrition, and cooking. For a well-rounded 19th-century context, publication dates range from 1800 to 1950.


Included in this collection are rare and first-edition books on the topics of domestic science and cookery. Several books written by J. Harvey Kellogg are part of the collection, including a first edition of A Household Manual (1877). Also in the collection are cookbooks with an emphasis on vegetarian food such as Novel Dishes for Vegetarian Households: A Complete and Trustworthy Guide by Mary Pope (1893) and A Few Simple Recipes: Madison Rural Sanitarium and Nashville Vegetarian Cafeteria (1900).

A Brief History

This collection began with deaccessioned items from the library’s general collection and is being supplemented with librarian acquisitions and patron donations.

Research Aids

Peruse the books found within this collection.

The Foodies’ Guide to Vegetarian Cookery in 19th Century America provides a historically significant look at vegetarian food and cookery in the United States during the long 19th century.

More Information

Please complete the online form to request to view items in the collection. Contact Deyse Bravo-Rivera for more information.