1098-T Tax Statements

The 1098-T statement is now available online!

IMPORTANT:  1098T Tax Statements are mailed to the permanent address on file.  To update your permanent address, send an email with your name and ID number, along with your requested address/phone changes, to addresschange@southern.edu.

Blank statements?  Viewing the 1098-T Statement requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.x or higher.

Each browser has its own settings to control how PDFs open from a web page. Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC do not include a preference setting to open web-based PDFs. To change the display behavior, follow the instructions below for your browser, or see the browser documentation on how to control plug-ins or add-ons.


I am a parent or authorized user and I do not see the 1098t statement

Although your student may have granted you access to view all other documents through the online system, viewing the 1098T Statement online is a newly implemented feature that requires authorization from the student.  Have your student log on to www.southern.edu/pay and under My Account, click on the Authorized Users menu, select the authorized user and click the edit option.  Update the authorization check box to Yes to grant access to view the 1098T's statement.  Log back in to the authorized user account to view the statement.


What is a 1098-t Tax statement?

The 1098-T form is used by eligible educational institutions to report information about their students to the IRS as required by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. Eligible educational institutions are required to submit the student's name, address, taxpayer's identification number (TIN), enrollment status, amounts pertaining to qualified tuition and related expenses, and scholarships and/or grants.  A 1098-T form must also be provided to each applicable student.

Why do I receive a 1098-T?

This IRS Form 1098-T is for all students who had qualified tuition and other related educational expenses billed to them during the previous calendar year.

I haven’t received my 1098-T form, where can I get it?

In January of each year, Southern Adventist University provides secure electronic access to your 1098-T statement.  The form is also mailed to the student’s home address at the end of January.  It can be accessed online at www.southern.edu/payment.

My 1098-T doesn’t match the amount that I paid for the year.

The 1098-T form never reports what was paid, only what qualifying expenses a student incurred (tuition, fees, and books).  There are several ways to find how much was paid on a student’s account, including TouchNet, monthly statements, and personal records (bank statements, credit card statements, etc.)

Why isn’t there an amount in Box 1?

The IRS instructs institutions to report either payments received  for qualified tuition and related expenses (Box 1) or amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses (Box 2) on the 1098-T. Once an institution has selected one of these options, they cannot change reporting methods between calendar years without IRS permission. Southern Adventist University reports qualified tuition and related expenses that were billed during the tax year (Box 2).  Therefore, Box 1 - Payments Received for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses will be blank.

The amount in Box 2 is not correct, it is too low.

The 1098-T provides information for a calendar year, whereas an academic year spans 2 calendar years.  If you refer to the previous year’s 1098-T, Box 7 will be checked.  This means that tuition expenses are included for an academic period beginning in January-March of the following calendar year.  This happens due to students preregistering for 2nd semester classes at the end of the 1st semester.

What amounts appear in Box 4? 

Box 4 – Adjustments made for the prior year shows the amount of any tuition and fees reductions in the current calendar year for charges that were billed in a previous calendar year.

How did Southern Adventist University figure out what amounts to include Box 5? 

Box 5 includes scholarships, grants and, if applicable, payments made by a third party under formal billing arrangements (i.e. outside scholarships, employer provided educational assistance, military, etc).  Third party payments do not include payments made by the student, parent or other individuals.

The amount in Box 5 is greater than the amount in Box 2 and my tax software says this is considered income!  How can this be possible?

Southern Adventist University cannot offer tax advice.  Please consult with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or qualified tax professional for any tax questions or advice.

What amounts appear in Box 6?

Box 6 – Adjustments to scholarships or grants for prior year shows the amount of any scholarship, grant, and if applicable, third party reductions in the current calendar year for aid that was credited in a previous calendar year.

What numbers do I enter while doing my taxes?

Southern Adventist University cannot offer tax advice.  Please consult with a Certified Public Accountant or qualified tax professional for any tax questions or advice.

For questions regarding the content of the 1098-T statements, please refer to the FAQs list above.  If you need further assistance, you may contact our specialist:  Matt Barclay at mbarclay@southern.edu.