Current Roster

2018-2019 Team


 Aimee Hunt

Aisling Griffin

Alyssa Christian

Annika Northrop

Brianna Underwood

Britni Barlow

Caitlyn Peganyee

Darla Milholm

Gabby Fowler

Janelle Osvold

Jessica Mattox

Kaitlin Norcross

Karina Sanchez

Katelynn Robertson

Mia Chedalavada

Sabrina Smith

Sofie Svendsen

Sophia Nappi


Adam Angel

Andrew Jones

Andrew Pascual

Benjamin Olivier

Caleb Raymond

Cameron Hodges

Chad Nash

Chandler Tarbox

Christian Fischle

David Nolasco

Dylan Ford

Emmanuel Hean

Ian Svendsen

Irvin Dominguez

James Kuczma

James Marshall

Jason Moore

John Burdick

Jose Montenegro

Juelian Vaughan

Kenta Ito

Kory Cotton

Nate Viniczey

Nick Decker

Preston Gentry

Sam Marin

Timothy Suzuki

Wyatt Gardner

Welcome to the team! Your first responsibility as a Gym-Master is to sign up for a sports physical that will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 28, starting at 5:30. They can take up to six at a time in 15-minute time slots. There will be a sign-up sheet on the door of the Gym-Master gym. This is something EVERYONE must do. You will also be asked to join a Facebook page for this year's team. If you do not have a Facebook account, it is highly encouraged that you get one, since a lot of information is exchanged through that page.

Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing all of you on Monday!