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Frequently Asked Questions

Is new student orientation required?

New Student Orientation is required of all entering freshmen and transfer students. Orientation is part of Southern’s First Year Experience program. Because university life and learning are so different from high school or academy, the first year in college is usually more challenging than expected. It has been shown that students who take the time in orientation to learn the strategies for success perform better during their first year. Like other universities, Southern requires orientation so you can meet your academic adviser, find out what professors expect, learn to network, and discover where resources are located. It’s smart to give yourself all the insider tips upfront so that your college investment pays off.

Will attendance be taken at orientation events?
Yes, attendance is mandatory.

What if I can’t attend because of a schedule conflict?
We ask that you arrange with your work supervisors in advance so that you can attend. We can provide a letter of explanation to present to your work supervisor. For questions, contact Renita Moore at 423.236.2575.

Do I need to register?
Both orientation options have a registration time during the event so that you can sign in and receive your schedule and materials, but no pre-registration is required. We have a list of all incoming students, and materials are already being personalized for you.

Are transfer students required to attend?
Yes, transfer students are required to attend. While they may have learned the skills to be successful students, Southern is a new environment, and it is to their advantage to learn everything they can about their new school.

What if I scheduled my arrival time for after orientation starts?
It is expected that all travel plans be made around the orientation schedule. The Main Event dates/arrival times are given well in advance so that students may plan accordingly. Remember, orientation is required!