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AS Vegetarian Culinary Arts

Culinary Demonstration

Mushroom and Spinach Cavatappi with Creamy Tomato Sauce

Southern Adventist University offers an Associate of Science Degree in Vegetarian Culinary Arts.  Students with this degree will become chefs and head cooks who oversee the daily food preparation at restaurants and other places where food is served. Graduates will direct kitchen staff and handle any food-related concerns.

Culinary Demonstration

Yum Bowl

AS Vegetarian Culinary Arts Sequences
Please check with the Catalog to verify that all class requirements have been met.

Admission to Vegetarian Culinary Arts
Interested candidates must apply and first be accepted as a student at Southern Adventist University and then apply for acceptance into the Vegetarian Culinary Arts program. 

Strong candidates will display a passion for food and its preparation, will exhibit a strong work ethic and interest in a hands-on career, will be very career focused, and will relish the opportunity to participate in an intense and fast-paced academic program. Some previous experience in the food industry is highly recommended.
Email: Bonny Musgrave

 "The science of cooking is not a small matter. The skillful preparation of food is one of the most essential arts. It should be regarded as among the most valuable of all the arts, because it is so closely connected with the life. Both physical and mental strength depend to a great degree upon the food we eat; therefore the one who prepares the food occupies an important and elevated position.” Ellen White (Counsels to Parents, Teachers, Children. Pg. 312)

Culinary Demonstration

Strawberry Balsamic