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BS Health Science

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science provides an almost unlimited range of professional and occupational choices. The education requirements for a successful career in the health sciences depend heavily on an individual’s ultimate career goals. Almost all professional careers in the health sciences mandate some level of postgraduate degree or certificate. Those seeking to become physicians, for example, will normally spend four years completing an undergraduate degree, followed by four years of medical school and, depending on the specialty, three to eight years of internship and residency programs. On the other hand, a career as a physician’s assistant will normally require an undergraduate degree followed by two to three years of post-graduate study leading to a master’s degree.

Due to the aging population and major changes in the healthcare market, careers in health sciences are expected to see substantial growth over the next decade and into the future. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a job growth rate of 11 percent is expected between 2012 and 2022 for all occupations combined. Job growth for most health science occupations, however, are expected to double, triple or even quadruple that rate over the same period.

Below is a sampling of the multitude of options a Health Science bachelor degree holder has:

Healthcare Administrator, Healthcare Coordinator, Health Science Writer, Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, Dentist, Dietitian or Dietetic Technician, Health Educator, Biomedical Engineer, Medical Physicist, Physician, Physician Assistant, Mortician, Midwife, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Pharmacologist, Environmental and Occupational Health Expert, Epidemiologist, Toxicologist, Radiation Therapist, Radiologist, Nuclear Medicine Therapist, Sonographer, Audiologist, Exercise Science, Holistic Therapist, Physical Therapist, Recreation Therapist, Cardiovascular Technologist, Dialysis Technician, Electrocardiograph Technician, Veterinarian, Veterinarian Technician, Ophthalmic Medical Personnel, Optometrist, Audiologist, Exercise Physiologist, Athletic Trainer, or Sports Medicine Technician, among many other options.

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