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Private/Semi-Private Swim Lesson Sign-Up

Private Swim Lesson sign ups are currently unavailable. When the sign up form is open, submission of the form IS NOT a guarantee of private swim lesson service. We will call you to arrange lesson times if and when we are able to add more instructors.


It is highly recommended that you look into our group swim program to ensure swim lessons for ages 4 - 14.

Private Swim Lesson Rates
Packages Private Swim Lessons Semi-Private Swim Lessons*
One 30-min Session $18.00 $24.00
Two 30-min Sessions $34.00 $40.00
Four 30-min Sessions $64.00 $74.00
Eight 30-min Sessions $120.00 $140.00
*Two Person Lessons

Private Swim Lesson Sign-Up Form

Private Swim Lesson Sign Ups are currently unvailable.  We open them up when instructors are available.